Hi everyone. Was diagnosed last year and struggling with the heat. Can anyone tell me, if ibuprofen is an anti inflammatory then is it helpful on days when I’m feeling particularly sore and achy? Thank you xx

Hi Julie the heat is a common enemy and it’s horrible I’m sorry your struggling! Personally I regularly take a cocktail of paracetamol and Ibruprofen together to supplement my pregablin which I’m on top dose. So yes would recommend. If worse comes to worse a cold gin works wonders. Stay cool and well X

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Ask a pharmacist. Especially if you’re taking meds for your MS. Just give your local chemist a ring.


Ibuprofen won’t cool you down. You’re better off with cool packs, or Magicool (or similar) spray, or fans. Or a constant supply of ice cream. Staying as cool as possible in this draining heat is a good goal. It is utterly fatiguing to be overheated. But you shouldn’t overdo NSAIDs.