hello my friends.

Firstly thank you so much to those of you that responded to my first post, here goes on my second, you’ve got me going now so brace yourselves!

I am on an awful lot of medication and last week was advised to come of Ibuprofen ( 2000mg per day) due to the possibility that i may have a stomach ulcer, i am awaiting an Endoscopy.

however my question is can anyone advise me of another pian relief/ anti inflamitary drug as i am in agony, and hardly able to move, i am a tough cookie and used to managing a lot of pain but this is testing me to the limits and not good at all. i would hate to think how i would be without my medication. so any suggestions please/ thank you x

Hi Moonshadow,

You don’t mention what else you’re already on. Although MS does not seem to be widely associated with musculo-skeletal pain, for me it is the worst problem, and I take a combi of ibuprofen, paracetamol, and codeine, to try to keep it under control - along with the muscle-relaxant, baclofen (recently ceasing to work).

I don’t usually take all three painkillers at once, although it is permissible, and I have done today, after waking up with a particularly bad back, for no apparent reason.

Codeine and paracetamol are supposedly kinder on the stomach than ibuprofen, so you can continue to take them, even if ibuprofen is out. Codeine can cause constipation, and hangover-like effects, whilst paracetamol can cause liver and/or kidney problems in overdose. However, provided you do not have any existing risk factors, both are safe to use long-term, as long as you follow the prescription instructions precisely, and you may be required to undergo an occasional blood test for kidney function.

I do recommend you get them on prescription, if possible, as not only does it work out cheaper and more convenient in the long run (you can only buy very small quantities over-the-counter at once), but your consumption can be closely monitored, and you can get automatic reminders when your blood needs checking, to make sure they’re not doing you any harm.


I have just been prescribed diclofenac and codeine for muscle pain to take alongside paracetamol. I also take baclofen for spasms. Have only had them a couple of days but already getting an upset stomach! Why do you need bloods checked Tina?

Hi Jean,

The blood test is in case they were affecting kidney function. It’s only once a year, as a precaution, so not too burdensome, and at least someone’s keeping an eye on it. Kidney decline can have very few symptoms, until it’s too late.


I take Tramadol + paracetamol for muscular pain and it works really well for me…

If you have ulcers, you should probably avoid all NSAIDs as they are tough on the digestive system. (NSAIDs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and include ibuprofen, aspirin and diclofenac.) Paracetamol and codeine, and therefore cocodamol, are normally fine although I can’t take codeine any more either and am now stuck with just paracetamol :frowning: What would work best also depends on what you were taking the ibuprofen for: there may be something completely different that would work better and be fine for the digestive system. Probably best to speak to your MS nurse if it was an MS symptom. Karen x


I was taking loads of pain meds like yourself up until a yr or so ago.

My nurse first recommended a drug called ‘Duloxetine’ and I believe that this is an Anti-Depressant Drug. I actually found that as a painkiller it worked quite well, However it just didn’t agree with me. So I came off that (under guidance of medics mind!).

I was then put on an anti- Epileptic drug called ‘carbamazaine or brand name Tegratrol’. I have found that since taking this I have had to take far less pain killers. I was taking Co-codomol with another one before starting these meds as soon as I possible could and throughout the day , everyday til these. If this makes sense?

Might be worth you having word with your MS nurse regarding this drug?

Good luck hun as I know what you mean by how debilitating the pain can get…

God Bless

Anna x

Hello my friends, thank you so much for all your thoughts. I cant believe i havn’t used this site before, the help is so comforting and it helps so much with the overwhelming isolation this illness can bring.

I am on a lot of medication, Baclofen, Bisacodyl, Gabapentin, Ferenate, Mebeverene, Nortryptyline, Omeprezole, Oxynorm, and Oxycontin.

i have come of the Ibuprofen temporarily, i do have a pain management consultant who is brilliant, but difficult to get hold off and i do have a Neurological consultant but the less said the better, he offers me no support, makes me feel asi f i am something on his shoe! so therefore i have no support and no access to an MS nurse.