Quad (muscle) pain!

Hi Guys

Quick question if I may please.

I am suffering a bit at the moment with pains in my lower quad muscle, just above my right knee. The rest of the leg is fine, but for the last few months the pain has got worse. It started off as a tight muscle and when I asked the neuro about it, he said that he didn’t think it was MS related. For the last week, the pain has increased and is bad after I have woken up after lying down.

I have taken Ibuprofen tablets and rubbed some ibugel into the muscle and this has helped, but I am concerned about taking ibuprofen tablets too often.

Do any of you confirmed MSers (i’m in limbo) suffer from this? if so can anybody suggest anything to take other than Ibuprofen or a magnesium tablet, which I already take?

After four months of this pain getting worse and not passing, I am quite concerned that this is something MS related (ppms??) and it is now starting to do my head in. (especailly after the neuro telling me that it is not MS related!) I am struggling to walk nowadays and the pain is starting to really cheese me off.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I don’t know why your neuro feels it’s not MS-related, as muscle tightness and pain is such a common symptom - but absolutely no reason it would mean you have PPMS.

Painkillers will treat the symptom (pain!) but not the underlying cause. You may well need some kind of prescription muscle-relaxant. I’m a great fan of Baclofen, though not everyone gets on well with it. Some find it relaxes their muscles too much, making them feel weak. Never had this problem though.

You also might want to ask for a referral to physio - preferably neuro physio.

You will probably find nothing fixes it completely, and it becomes a fact of life, but you may be able to do better than just ibuprofen.