I used to take Modafinil but recently swapped to Amantadine..

I was taking Modafinil and the first week of side effects were horrendous. I got on from this and noticed stomach cramps as the dose was due and for an hour after. I don’t know what this is doing to my body but I didn’t like how I was feeling and so stopped them. God I didn’t know they were working until I stopped them!

Now I am taking Amantadine and have been for 3 days. I only take 1 in the mornings. Honestly I feel awful. I actually don’t know it is the tablets and/or the change of tablets but I am assuming that is the case.

I started having back ache last week and I thought it was as I had done more exercise than usual but the back pain is still prominent in my daily routine and I wonder if this is related to either drug?

I work full time and have a young daughter and it’s none stop here. It was fine before but these last couple of weeks not so much. I am worried that as I have back pain & am tired all the time that I am bordering on a relapse. I was hoping that you could advise me that that’s not the case?

I know you are not neurologists but you can’t blame a girl for trying :wink: