I think I'm close to a diagnosis

Hi there, I have been having lots of different symptoms which are all pointing to MS over the past few years, but just burying my head in the sand hoping it would go away. In 2008 I started suffering from fatigue, and incontinence which was pushed aside by my GP and the incontinence was dealt with by my gynaecologist along with a couple of other issues. Then in 2009 I had optic neuritis, which damaged my vision quite badly. I began experiencing Lhermitte’s sign about 12 months ago, and mentioned this whilst in hospital in July last year. An MRI scan was requested, but a more senior doctor decided it wasnt urgent, and it was cancelled on the same day. At a routine eye test at the opticians I was referred back to a eye doctor for a pale optic nerve. Fast forward to 2013, i was been seen at the eye clinic, and the doctor said i needed a urgent referrel to an optic nerve specialst. Fatigue as became a major issue. About 3 weeks ago I developed strange sensations in my lower legs, pain and tingling which has now spread all over my legs and on my forearms. I am struggling to walk for any distance and even resting them is painful. On Saturday afternoon I started with a sudden pain in my right eye, very poor vision. I was adviced to go to a&e to rule out glaucoma, but told to go straight to eye casualty on the Sunday morning. The doctor was very patient, and asked my lots of questions regarding my eye issue and general health. He asked me if anyone had talked to me about MS, I said it had been mentioned a few times. He said I currently have retrobulbar neuritis, and ordered me a urgent MRI, which should be this week, and was chasing up the referral to the optic nerve specialist as he thinks it will be his team I will be under. So now I am playing the waiting game, can’t help but feel a little scared. If you have got this far, thank you. Xx

What a terrible time your having, good luck with your MRI and try to stay calm as stress is no good for any condition. I hope you get news soon, Chis

Thank you for your reply, I am just taking it one day at a time. Thanks for the tip on the stress. Xx

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

It is all sounding like MS, but it’s best to keep an open mind because there are actually quite a lot of things that can cause ON and sensory problems and some of them are relatively easy to treat (e.g. vitamin B12 deficiency). I’ve never heard of an optic nerve specialist, but whoever he/she is, let’s hope they can get things worked out without too much of a delay.

Chis is dead right about stress - best to avoid if at all possible! And rest as much as you can - it’s about the only thing we can do to help when our body is fighting off some sort of attack.

I hope the appointment isn’t too far off.

Karen x