I need some help..

I’m sure you all get a lot of people asking if their symptoms sound like MS but I’m kinda unsure and don’t want to go to the doctor and have all sorts of tests done to find out there’s nothing wrong Ok so a few months ago I noticed that when I take a deep breath sometimes my arms and fingertips will get this tingly feeling and that’s when I started googling and learned of MS I can’t make it happen it just randomly will happen but I also smoke, I feel really confused and hazy all the time, forgetful, I swear I lose my phone and wallet 10x a day I feel weak and like dragged down, just doing simple tasks like walking feels like I’m weighed down like there’s weights attached to me or something, I can’t “get off” sorry tmi, during sex it’s not even pleasurable anymore, my fingers feel really stiff and when I crack them it hurts a little, my hand kills me when I write for even a few minutes, I have random pains in my arms and lower back (I think the back pain is from after pregnancy though and I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was really young but hasn’t been a problem) but the pains in my arms feel like they’re in the bone I don’t know how to describe it, my arms and legs go numb really fast, wrists feel really stiff if I put too much pressure on them (like lean my head on them) they get really stiff after a few minutes and hurt to move, same with my legs when I have them crossed or something. I feel a little dizzY when standing almost like I need to stop and catch my balance / surroundings for a second. does this sound like MS? I’ve read tons of people’s stories on the internet and every one else sounds a lot worse so I’m not sure? Who am I supposed to see for this? I don’t have an actual doctor. Thanks in advance! Sorry it’s so long , I know I’ve had some more symptoms too I can’t think of at the moment

Oh and this other weird thing is there’s a spot on my shoulder blade on my back that will feel tingly some days mostly when I’m sitting up for awhile

I’m not sure Hun, I’m no expert but I’m sure someone more informed than me will reply soon x

Keep a symptom diary. That was the best advice I ever had! I made a summary of it before I saw my GP - what each symptom was, when it started, how long it lasted (or ongoing) and if anything made symptims flare up, like fatigue or heat. Do see your GP though. All the best!


If you are worried, the only way you will ever find out anything (good news or bad) is to go to the doctor. Nobody on a forum can tell you what you do or don’t have. We’re not doctors, and even if we were, it would be impossible and unethical to attempt to diagnose a stranger, based only on what they wrote on a forum.

The relationship between symptoms and deep breathing doesn’t sound typical of MS to me. I do get tingly fingertips, particularly at night, but have never noticed my breathing having anything to do with it. Of course, that by itself doesn’t prove it isn’t MS, but the link with breathing could be an important clue, so don’t forget to mention it.