I might just be being a bit thick....

I don’t want to waste anyones time … BUT

despite numerous searches of this site I can not find the list of recommended neurologists. (for all I know it may have been deleted.) I currently travel into London to see a great neurologist. I will be moving nearer Salisbury and the New Forest and wondered if there are any well recommended neuros that I could transfer too.


try messaging direct to one of the moderators. stewart, val and the rest. or look back at your post and hit “report thread” but at your own risk!

Hi Mick

As far as I know, there isn’t one. When I asked about this when I first started out as a Mod, they said it’s because it wouldn’t be right for the MS Society to recommend one professional over another. Makes sense when you think about it.

I would expect your new GP to refer you to a neuro when you get to where you’re moving to although there may be a system for transferring from one to another.

If anyone here wants to recommend a neuro, please do it by PM.


Val [Moderator]

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Yes, the new website does seem geared to fundraising.

The old “Near me” function has gone (not that it was ever up-to-date) and when I tried a few searches, all I got were fragments of a previous search for Society Branches (sorry, Groups).

I can tell you that when I left Wiltshire (12 months back) there was no neuro at Odstock who “did” MS. It will have to be Southampton for you. You could try ringing and ask to speak to the neurologist’s secretary and ask who does MS and then Google that person. You could also ask if they have any outside clinics to see if they run one at Odstock.


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The “Near Me” facility still exists, but now under “Care & Support”. Perhaps you could ask the nearest branch for advice?

Or just ask people who live near / in Salisbury or the New Forest to PM you with the name of their neurologist if s/he is particularly good. I wouldn’t ask for negative opinions, because a negative opinion of an individual is a bit useless to you. Hey look, I think I might have just done it for you! Sue

The facility may be there by name, but it is a shadow of what it used to be.

With the old one, you could (e.g.) select hospitals with MS Consultants - which is exactly what Mick needs. Given a name, you could then search again on Google or Bing and obtain a lot more information. I assume that it has been axed as the cost of maintaining it got too high.
Certainly, the info for the hospital I used to attend was several years out of date, even after I had pointed this out to Head Office.


Many thanks for your replies, much appreciated. I will continue in my research. I will also ask my current neurologist who will share an opinion that I will value.



That actually sounds like the best plan.