I love our gang, I am sober..

Following on from my epiphany. I our gang, you have never failed to be supportive, reasuring, funny, warm, comforting… Nearly as good as chocolate - now that is high praise! Take care guys, be safeM

Love it!

Nearly as good as chocolate? Didn’t you try the Heston Blumenthal ones at Waitrose? LOL

Happy New Year M and yes, I feel much the same way (but i’m not likely to put aside chocolate for anyone)

Group hug

Sonia xx

I agree M Happy new year.

Pam x

And I also agree M! I love our little gang and also very proud of us… apart from the very occasional blip (!!!) this is the friendliest and most supportive board on the forum. Of course chocolate can never be knocked off it’s Number 1 spot (and has anyone else tried the Oxfam Divine Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt yet? I tell you… it’s divinely delicious!)… but second only to chocolate is our little gang. I really and truly can say I don’t know how I would manage without this board. And no, I haven’t had a drink either… Happy New Year my lovelies, Pat xxx (oh I do miss the smilies but they just don’t exist on here when using ipad) xxxxx

I do SO agree too M. It’s incredible to know that come what may we will all be here for each other. Wishing you all the very very best new year ever. Lots of love Nina xxx

I agree too, even though I haven’t been around much lately! To be nearly as good as chocolate is high praise indeed M! Happy New Year all, Teresa xx

Happy new year to the best gang ever,and thank you for making me sooooooooooooo welcome,when i asked to join a few months ago,i was made to feel very welcome by you, all, havent been on that much,but will do in the new year.

All the best,she says raising a glass of baileys.

J xxxxx

Hello M. This is indeed a top forum. I think the underlying humour and realism shows inspirational character. As for chocolate; hotel chocolat reigns supreme although there is this drink called Amarula and a fine malt, plus when Everton win and a smile from my daughter Rose. (And being married to my lovely wife Jo.) See-I’m thinking positive! Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Steve

You should have a huge smile the way Everton have played this season, good on em, its nice to see different clubs doing well.

Pam x

Happy New Year everyone from me too. Without the kindness and support you’ve given me since my dx, I don’t know where I’d be now, definitely not in the good place I’m in for sure. You’ve helped me so much in the last six months and I can only say thank you.

You have so much experience between you and seem to be able to understand how a person will be feeling in a situation they find themselves without them having to explain it all, and that is much more valuable than hearing something learnt from a book.

And with these forums you never feel as if you’re alone, someone can always offer help and advice or tell us who we can get that help from.

I wish you all the best for 2014, you deserve it. Take care.

Cath xxx

Oh and just a little bit of my good news - I accepted an offer on my house today, I’m really pleased.

1st 2014, love hugs and good wishesM

Well done re your house offer Cath! Fingers crossed all goes smoothly for you. Happy new year to everyone. Best wishes, Nina x