I’ll health pension

I am in the process of Ill health pension
Work has sent me an estimate of my pension if I was to receive tier 3 but I don’t understand the figures on it
Can any one explain please

I would ask your work to do that hun or a financial person. sorry you have to take this route. xxx

Ask your pension supplier how the figures work.
You can also contact Pension Wise.
Its Government run, they can explain everything and the options open to you but not advise the route to take.
I’m also currently in talks to see if I can withdraw one of my pensions.

You basically ring Pension Wise to arrange an over the phone consultation or in person.
I’m opting for in person because its difficult sometimes to everything in on the phone.

Have all your works pension stuff with you, you state pension retirement age, NA number, ect.
Its a free service.

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