Hi all, I wonder if any of you can advise me. I am going through ill health retirement process from the NHS. I had a letter from HR that stated once I signed the enclosed documents, I was effectively resigning and all I would be entitled to was any holiday pay due. I’m really stressed because firstly I had no idea that this would be the case and I have no idea how long the process for retirement takes. This will be a massive drop in income. I don’t know where to turn. I really feel like I’ve been kicked whilst already down. Any ideas, I’d be grateful, cos right now I just want to cry. :frowning:

hi vinnygirl

don’t sign until you have spoken to someone from HR

it may be that the holiday pay is all that you are entitled to from the NHS but maybe your pension counts as something different.

sorry that my reply is as clear as mud.

carole x

hi vinnygirl

firslty really sorry you’re going through this. just a quick one whcih i apologise if its too obvious.have you got union representation, or are you supported in meetings by a friend?

take care, fluffyollie

dont you have a pension to come ? working for the NHS i should think you will have,ring the HR dept and tell them you want things explaining to you…my partner took early retirement due to my ms,and he worked for council,and got a very good lump sum and monthly pension.good luck.

J x

Have you been through all your sickness entitlement? Don’t sign anything yet. Are you a member of the NHS pension scheme? If so, write and ask them for a forecast of your pension if your granted retirement on health grounds,

I’ve just remembered when my sickness ended from my nursing post, I switched to what was then incapacity benefit. You may be eligible for benefits, depending on your personal circumstances at some future point.

Hi all, thanks for the replies. I am a member of a Union. Have messaged my rep and waiting for her to respond. I really could do with her advice and reassurance. I’ve just got this continuous worry whirling round my head. I’m fatigued ++ and so ‘foggy headed’, I’m finding it difficult to take in information atm. If I can’t get hold of my rep I’ll phone HR. I’m signing nothing yet, that’s for sure.

Has the ill health retirement process been started yet? I am going through this at the moment, it was discussed at my last welfare meeting and I have just had a letter asking me to sign a form letting them get in touch with my GP and Consultant (don’t have one !) I also have to get supporting documentation. I had to go to Occ Health for him to assess me and say whether he thought I should be referred for Ill Health Retirement.

Have you been through any of this yet? If not don’t sign anything and ask your Union Rep if he thinks the correct process has been gone through by your management and HR. Good you have your Union on board, I think they are making it so much harder than it used to be to get Ill Health retirement, which is simply not fair when you have a genuine case

BTW I work for local government not NHS. Feel free to PM me if you want further details of my experience so far.

Best of luck

Jan x

I retired through ill health from the NHS a couple of years.

Don’t sign anything until you have spoken with HR/Occ Health.

I had to complete form AW33E to start the ball rolling after being off for six months. You firstly have to prove that all adaptations to your work has been offered and not worked. HR and Medic also has to complete their bit on the form.

If you need any more info don’t hesitate to PM me.

Take care an try not to worry.

Shazzie x


First of all sign nothing untill you speak to somebody who knows the procedure involved in early retirement.

I would have thought that working for the NHS you will be covered by a pension which will cover ill health retirement.

Union reps, citezens advise, your pension provider even a solicitor, just a few people who could help.

Also are you cover by the NHS sickness pay, you could run that out first.

Do you have to retire, could reasonable adjustments be made so you could carry on working.

Under no circumstances sign that document.

It sounds like sombodies taking the easy route for them.

There are more routes you need to explore before you sign anything.

Remember this is the rest of your life so do not be rushed into anything.