I have started limping

Hi everyone. Yesterday I saw a friend of mine that I have not seen for ages. She asked me why I was limping. I hadn’t realised that I was limping. I know I have slowed right down and can’t walk as well as I used to and am a bit unsteady on my feet When I got home I realised that she was right I have started limping.

Hi Deb,

I have been told by a doctor that he could recognise someone who had MS by their walk, or “gait”. I can’t tell if this is that you are experiencing but usually shows as one leg swinging out as we walk.

I know I do it and physiotherapists have encouraged me to move the leg forward, not out, to reduce strain caused by the gait.



Hi Anthony. I have noticed that I seem to be putting more weight on my right leg. When I went to the hospital in May my walking was assessed and I was told there was nothing wrong with my gait. I use my crutches in the house sometimes if I am feeling wobbly and I have noticed I seem to be turning my crutches inwards as I walk. I am going to see my dr in January so I will talk to him about it and the ever increasing list of other stuff.

Hi Jen,

Regarding the list of stuff, it’s a good idea to keep a diary of symptoms so you don’t forget anything. It’s too easy, with all the things going on, to miss out a possibly important bit of the jigsaw by the time January comes around.

This my also be a useful reminder in the years to come as symptoms come and go without any reason.


I have started a list to show the dr because I know I will forget things if I don’t write them down. I have got a memory like a sieve!!

I’d noticed for a long long time that i was walking much slower, and it was as if i was drunk, going side to side. It wasn’t until i was watching Billy Connolly on Tv one night, he was making a joke aboit his Parkinsons. He said he first found iut when a doctor he mey socially sais, he had a gait. And i thought, that could be me, i have a gait. ** Pleasew excuse my typing in some of the posts i make oere, it’s the Diplopia (double vision). I keep hitting the wrong keys**

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I was the same.

It was other people who noticed my limp/gait first.

Even on good days now, my limp is clearly obvious to everyone, on bad days its pointless even going outside !!

If I go to work in the morning, by mid afternoon my limp/gait has dramatically worsened.

It’s like as if everything gets weaker, heavier & more clumsy as the day goes on or the more I try to push myself.

I have just been walking the dog and have noticed that my right food is turning inwards as I walk. Just got back home and I am starting to get a bit unsteady on my feet. Back on the crutches again for a bit I suppose.

Same here, right foot turns inwards, and then I start to trip by catching the outside of my right foot on the ground.

hi jactac. I haven’t tripped up yet! My foot is only turning in a little bit so apart from the limp it isn’t causing me any problems at the moment.

Same here, a few times folk have said, “are you ok cause I saw you limping” - the joys

Hi Redman. Hope you are ok today! It is weird how we don’t notice these things ourselves! I guess we just get on with whatever this horrible disease throws at us. Had a weird afternoon and evening. Spent most of it wearing my straps trying to stop my wrists from jerking every time I moved my hands which didn’t work. Had an ok nights sleep but started to feel a bit dizzy when I got up so back on the crutches for a bit then came the thumping headache! wrists still jerking it is driving me made nevermind. I am sure it will stop eventually!

Gee Deb - sounds very unpleasant - not pleasnt company

Hi Redman. Wrists still jerking a bit but not too bad. Still got headache and my eyes are a bit sore. Feel better than I did this morning I felt like I had been run over like a bus this morning I felt really weak.

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