i have ms could my husband too?

yes i have ms, i was diagnosed i think 2010 not very good with dates and times.

my husband has for many years even before my diagnosis had similar symptoms, more recently hes had problems with stomach gases and along with these symptoms hes had the pain on one side of his body like me the stiffness the fatigue the falling asleep because just too tired to stay awake and the heaviness.

having seen a doctor on and off for the last few months they have totally blanked what he was telling them and suddenly told him he has got chronic fatigue syndrome i find this wierd especially knowing his symptoms are like mine i know there are illnesses that are very similar .

my husbands sister also suffers from ms and was diagnosed a couple of years before myself.

dont know if there is anyone out there in a situation like this or can shed light on it then please do i dont know what to do xx

Hi Sambo, It’s definitely NOT infectious, if that’s what you mean, so there’s no way you could have “given” it to your husband. However, he has the same odds of developing it as any other person - slightly more, given that a first degree blood relative (his sister) has it. The odds against a married couple BOTH getting MS are huge. Pretty slim, even if they were cousins. But yes, like all freak coincidences, there’s nothing to stop it. I think we have had one example on these forums of a couple who both had it, and they didn’t know it when they met and married - i.e. they hadn’t met through an MS group or anything. However, another possibility is that you’re simply more on-the-look out for MS, given that it’s the illness you know about, and also that your sister-in-law has it. Your husband could have one of the many conditions that resemble MS, including chronic fatigue syndrome. Would you have questioned his diagnosis, if you didn’t have MS yourself, or would you have thought CFS was quite reasonable? Either way, your MS cannot affect his risk in the slightest, but his sister’s increases it slightly - but still not so much it’s likely. Tina x

-My syster went to hospital and I accompanied her some 40 years ago, she was suspected as having ms because she had numb fingers and visual problems. They told her to go away, get new glasses and forget about her symptoms. Shes never been diagnosed nor had any more symptoms. But guess what, I never suspected I had it, but got diagnosed in the year 2000. Talk about shock. So I would say, he may have symptoms which relate to ms, but its doubtful because the ones we think may have it, dont always and the ones we least expect tend to get the diagnosis out of the blue.

Try not to dwell on it. Chronic Fatigue is not related to ms, yes we suffer chronic fatigue but we have lots of other symptoms, namely numbness, mobility issues and blindness in some cases caused by ON. Dont worry until you have to.



Hi there and thanks for replys i dont know if its the way that i wrote it but im not stupid enough to say that it could be contaigous and that hed caugt it from me we have questioned what is wrong wih him for a long time and the only reason we question it is because there have been no tests to say what it is just a doctor who came to the conclusion that this is what it is . I do hope that i have not offended anyone by writing this but im sure there are couples out there who have ms xx Yhink in future i will keep my thoughts to myself xx


Our minds are more tuned to MS like symptoms in other people because we ourselves have MS.

As for your husband having MS as well as you, that is as possible I think as the person behind you a supermarket queue or sitting next to you at a dentist surgery, it’s just fate I guess, the cards you are dealt, I do hope you are wrong, we all know how horrible it is!

One wee thing to say, two ex boyfriends of mine from way back 20 / 25 years ago, I have since heard in the grapevine now both have MS, no signs of it when we dated, no signs of MS with me back then either. We have all gone on since to marry other people, but should I have married either one of then, we would be a husband and wife both with MS!

Take care