Family members with ms.

hi has anyone got any family members with ms and thereselfs just curious

None in my family, only me.


None for as far as I know Darryl, but I fully understand where you are coming from…

Just me Darryl, Teresa xx


Just me with MS but others have different immune related illnesses-arthritis,cancer.

Ellie x


My mum had MS and one of her aunts was in a wheelchair, but they didn’t know why. I know of a couple of families where it has hit a few generations, but more where it hasn’t. Think it’s mostly just bad luck. So far I’m the only one in my generation with it (I have a brother and 4 cousins, we’re all in our 30s/early 40s).

Luisa x

There is slight clustering in families, Darryl. It’s not considered a hereditary illness - you can’t “pass it on” as such, but blood relatives of MSers still have a higher than average risk. About 1 in 5 MSers have another known case in the family, which means 4 in 5 don’t. I’m one of the 1 in 5. I found out after I was diagnosed that a quite distant relative - my father’s aunt - also had it. She’s no longer alive, which is a shame, as it might have been good to talk to her about it. But she died of old age, not MS. Tina

yes my sister also has ms. we dont know of anyone else in our past family who has had ms, it just us two.

My dad has ms too.

My cousin has ms also. Don’t know of any older generations though!

Hi Darryl

Just me in my family.

Jacky x

No family members for me. My Doctor has 2 family members (and he is aware that he ‘might’ develop it). The closet I have is my ‘initials’ are ‘MS’ - not a connection that I know of? But my ancestors (Grandfather and Grandmother) came from Orkney & Shetland and although they did not have it, I believe that MS is fairly common there.

Marcus. x.


Marcus. :slight_smile:

my grandfather nd my mother both have ms?

Thank you folks for telling me if anyone has ms in your family its just worrying at times as i have 3 daughters and it would destroy me if i gave it them.I know you cant give it to someone but as a parent you feel concerned as you wouldnt want to give your worst enemy this disease. thanks darryl.


I know that my mother felt guilty when I developed the disease, and I know that my mother’s father (my grandfather) carries a lot of guilt for both my mother and me - it was his sister that had suspected MS. But, natural as these feelings are, there is no reason for them. Nobody does anything that causes them to develop MS, and there is nothing that can be done to prevent it. If it happens, it happens, deal with it then. Meanwhile, the research on Vit D seems to be getting more concrete, so maybe giving your daughters a daily Vit D supplement would be a good idea. Try not to worry about the “what ifs” in life, you’ll just stress yourself out and that won’t help you.

Luisa x

Nope I am the only one. Its brain tumours in our family that do more damage. My aunt, cousin and nephew all have tumours.

Nope I am the only one. Its brain tumours in our family that do more damage. My aunt, cousin and nephew all have tumours.

My mom had it aswell.Her first symptom was optic neuritis so when I too had a bout in 2010 I guess I started to prepare myself for the possibility and was diagnosed on Mon. I do confess to worrying about my very clumsy daughter and although they say its not directly hereditary as soon as you put family medical history on life insurance forms and they see ms the premium rockets in my experience.

Hey, its just me in my family but my boyfriend has three members of family with it and theres also concern his sister may have it to so nearly four. There all at different stages with it