Ms but no family history

Recently diagnosed with ms and GP has asked of any family history but there is none, seems I’m the first , anybody else the only one ? Everybody seems to have a relative with it Thanks Gray

Hi, I get what you`re saying, but your GP is inferring MS is genetic, no?

A far as I know, it isnt…but yes, there are some families with more than one member with ms…but it shouldnt be generally thought of as hereditary,…should it?

luv Pollx

Hi Gray,

MS is not inherited, but genetics are certainly a factor.

About one in five people with MS have at least one other case in the family, which is much higher than chance, but that still means four in five don’t.



Im the 5th member of our family with it so cant help with this one im affraid. Although we didnt find out my grandads brother had it until they did an autopsy when he died so there might be a possibility that a relative had it but didnt know they had it x

Noone else in my family has it.

Shazzie x

Hi Gray

My grandad had a tremor but back then it was hes a shaky chap so wether it was MS or not no one knows

so i am the One & Only (im sure theres a song called that)

respect sheep

Yes I am the first and only one in my family

I’m also the only one in my family to have it - not even a possible but undiagnosed in the oldies.


No one else in my family Gray, with ms and I’m from a large family, 4 brother & 4 sisters.

Interestingly though…for me anyway…I’m weird that way there is a lot of autoimmune diseases/conditions amongst some my siblings.

My daughter also is diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and my son diagnosed a couple of weeks ago with his own special one.

I’m starting to think as a family we really should get together and investigate this further.

Noreen x

It would be inappropriate to burst into a Chesney Hawkes song here (Sorry, having a silly moment!)

Not heard of any family members with it and I do come from a big family

Sonia x

Simply meant as a family, we are not a healthy bunch. No big deal really

Hi No one in my family has MS, I was asked this question when I was being investigated and the only other person in my family who has a neurological problem is my mum who at 26 started getting migraines then this went on to epilepsy but he confirmed that isn’t linked to my condition. Polly x

Only me has it in my family on both sides and dna spin offs.


am singing! very inappropriate-no apology hehe

i too am the only person in my family to have ms…


noooo i had only just got it out of my head

Only me in mine x

thanks Sonia - its in my head now!!!

JBK xx

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Chezer Thanks ladies got that in my head now grrrrrrr .lol

like me, my daughter has m.s. - she has inherited my m.s.

Sorry about Chesney guys…

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Trust me, I’m all about Rock… I think old age is starting to kick in with all this nonsense!

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