In the family?

It's surprising how many people on this site have a close relative with m.s.

There are a lot who don't though! Me included :-)

It's not a hereditary condition - but genes do play an important role.

Karen x

Me neither... Im the trendsetter in this family lol

Not me-I am unique-just like everyone else tounge

The only one with MS in my family............


There is no history of MS in my family, Im the first one. My mother has quite severe rheummatoid arthritis and again was the first in her family to have this.     

None in mine either…just me. My Gran had RA but that is it. X

Just me x

Tried to reply to this last night - before getting in a total temper with my iPad, which crashed when I was simply trying to edit a word. angry

Anyway, the gist was that I don't find it surprising, given that research has shown genetics play a big part in someone's risk of MS.  Although it's not hereditary, blood relatives do have more genes in common than random strangers, so it would explain why some families have multiple cases.

About 1 in 5 MSers have one or more blood relatives with it.  The rest don't.

It's not always a close relative.  My "MS relative" was one of my grandmother's sisters (a great aunt).  It's quite distant, but I still don't think it's coincidence.  My genes would still have more in common with hers, than with a stranger's.


There are so many auto-immune diseases. So if your relatives do not have MS - they probably have one of the other complaints. Rheumatoid Arthritis/Osteo-porosis/Hypertension/Coeliac/Crohns/IBS/Psoriasis/ and a lot of us started with

Glandular Fever/Shingles etc.  All connected to Vitamin D3 deficiency. So keep taking the tablets!!!!!