Now my sister

I have been suffering for 3 years with a lot of symptoms .My neurologist suspected MS ,I had an mri and had no lesions. I was then referred to a rheumatologist who diagnosed chronic neurogenic pain ,given lots of tablets then forgotten about .

Forward 3 years and my sister has started getting a lot of pain,numbness and other symptoms .I feel so sorry for her as the pain is terrible.

Am I right in thinking that it’s highly unlikely MS that we both have ?

From Sam

Hi Sam,

Close blood relatives of people with MS are at higher risk than the general population, but it’s still not common to have multiple cases in a family, if that makes sense.

Besides, you have not yet been diagnosed with MS, so it’s not even clear that you have it.

Your sister might have something related to whatever it is you’ve got, but it might be completely unconnected.

Unsurprisingly, you - and probably she - are bound to suspect a connection, but what is closest to home is not necessarily the most likely culprit.

My two young nephews both had unexplained fatigue aches and pains, which made me worry - as I’m a diagnosed person. It turned out they both have joint hypermobility syndrome, which has nothing at all to do with MS.

Obviously, it’s a shame they’ve got any chronic condition, especially so young, but I’m relieved it’s not what I thought.

Try to keep an open mind.


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