I hate ms

I hate ms. Tonight I’ve been out and I wet myself. No warning from my bladder that I wanted to go. Haven’t got enough feeling in my hands etc. to check how wet I was and didn’t find out the full extent til I got in. I really hope that no one noticed. :frowning: It’s been a year since I last had problems with urgency and thought that was a thing of the past. O well back to the drs.


I remember the first time it happened to me & I was mortified and felt properly pants afterwards, so I know how you feel. There are things that can help though - doing pelvic floor exercises, wearing pads or, if you’re a bloke, using a sheath & leg bag, catheterisation (I wish I started going that sooner as it’s great knowing I’ll not need to go for a few hours), and I think there a drugs that can help too. Hope you get the best help from the doc.