I ended up in hospital yesterday

Hi all

I ended up being taken by ambulance to hospital Tuesday, but don’t really know what was the cause of the problem.

I started off having the usual pains in my arms on Monday and by the evening the pain was also a few inches under my left arm. Yesterday (Tues.) the pain was gradually getting worse and worse (not had a pain quite like this before) until it was also in the centre of my chest.

I decided to phone my GP surgery about 10 am to see if I could get an appointment and the receptionist said she would get my GP to phone me to make the appontment for that evening which she did. Over the next few hours the pain was getting worse and worse and I really didn’t know what to do or who to call, I was frightened to breath properly as it hurt so much and the slightest movement was so painful that I was crying out with each breath . ( sorry to sound so over dramatic)

I kept thinking that it would stop, but It wouldn’t so I rang the surgery and they put me through to a GP who told me to phone an ambulance. I didn’t want to, but he persuaded me to. I was sure I was NOT having a heart attack, but I had never had pain like it. Anyway a paramedic came and checked me over and said he wanted me to go to hospital to have a blood test done so he sent for an ambulance. At the hospital they did blood tests and chest X ray and said my heart is slightly enlarged, but am none the wiser. I thought it may be something to do with a cold that I had weeks ago that has left me with a nasty cough, but I wasn’t given antibiotics, they gave me Naproxin and Co Codomol.

Anyway will probably find out from my GP when I see her.

I have to say that I was treated so well by all the staff at the James Paget Hospital. I was there for about 5 hours and was offered food and drink (free).

By the way I know this was not the MS hug as I have had that a couple of times

I am sure a few of you will be asleep before you finish reading this lol.

Hello there,that was a tough day,and how are you now? I reckon you got really good treatment once the ball was rolling.The fact that you weren’t just given antibiotics,patted on the head and sent away shows that there are efforts to try and stop the over-use of anti-bs.

I’m still awake,so hopefully you’ll get some answers from the GP.Easy for me to say but you should try not to stress about this.Maybe shouting at the tennis will be a bit of distraction,

Good luck,



What a frightening experience… and like Wb said …l think you did the right thing - and the paramedics really helped you.

Lets hope you get some answers soon. Take care.

Goodness poor you!!!

I had ‘heart’ fright myself a few months back. My heart was skipping beats and like you GP (when I finally spoke to one!) told me to call ambulance.

Turned out it was either because I’d been eating brazil nuts & therefore allergy OR side effect of pregabalin. So I came off the drug and have stopped eating brazil nuts. Don’t want to go through that again.

These things are really scary. Let’s hope it was just a one-off MS thingy… probably was… and never ever comes back.

Have a restful day. You must be exhausted.

Pat x

Thank you so much for your kind words.

I am so lucky where I live as I do seem to get good treatment.

Thank you so much for your kind words.

I am so lucky where I live as I do seem to get good treatment.

Hi Jayce, I was also taken ill on Tuesday and 999 was dialled for me.

Mine was a full blown painc attack, due to a lot of angst I`ve been dealing with.

Now, about your pain. I am wondering if it could be acid reflux? I know that sounds trite, but a couple of years ago, I saw a cardiologist due to similar pains to your`s. My heart was fine and I was surprised to get that diagnosis.

I take lansoprazole and only get the pain about once in 2 months or so. It is frightening.

I hope you get an answer about it soon.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

Thank you for your reply. When I first phoned my GP I said to her that it was probably something like indigestion ( which I have never had before).

I hope that you are feeling a little better ?