I don't know what is wrong with me :(

Hi, is it possible to have MS without pain, or does everyone suffer painful joints etc?

I ask because around 5mths ago I started losing my hair, I also noticed some memory problems, mixing up words, grammer etc, things I have always known, I work for a search engine so my grammer and spelling is very important, I went to the doctors, who tested me for everything, and all is normal. Other than this I was happy, not stressed at all (just come back from 2 amazing holidays!)

Now my memory is terrible, I feel as though I am in a fog all the time, and if I have been working I am so wiped out for the rest of the day I feel drunk. I can’t concentrate, and am now waiting for a brain MRI and to see the neurologist in 3 weeks.

Hi, MS doesn’t necessarily cause pain. In fact, until relatively modern times, it was medically believed to be painless, which must have been very distressing for those who suffered significant pain, and were made to believe that wasn’t possible, and must be all in their minds. But having said all that, MS isn’t usually associated with hair loss. I’m not a doctor, but that sounds more like some kind of hormonal problem, or perhaps a vitamin or mineral deficiency. I’ve no idea how MS could cause hair loss. If your symptoms consist of cognitive difficulties and hair-loss ONLY - nothing physical - it doesn’t sound typical of MS. Have you experienced balance problems, visual problems, abnormal sensation or loss of sensation, abnormal weakness - other than mental? Although very few people get all these things at once, especially in the early stages, I think it would be pretty rare for someone to have MS but to experience no physical issues at all - even if they don’t have pain. There would probably be some changes to things like strength, endurance, dexterity, coordination etc, even if these were quite subtle. Tina