I think patients are mislead into believing they have ms when in fact they don’t. What are your views? Old age can cause spots on a MRI too.

But most people aren’t diagnosed in old age, are they? Why should their MRIs show features of “old age” when they’re not old? And why would they be undergoing investigations in the first place, if they didn’t have some pretty significant symptoms? People don’t usually go to the doctor complaining of being “old”; they complain of being ill! So what would you suggest is the nature of their illness, if, in your opinion, it is unrelated to any abnormal MRI findings?

Do you, perhaps, feel you’ve been wrongly diagnosed yourself, and are clinging to the hope that anomalies found on MRI are just natural ageing?

I can understand the temptation to think that way, but if I’m honest, I think it’s more common the other way round - that a few people with MS are wrongly told brain changes are “natural” - particularly if they are first investigated later in life.


Well may be you can tell me what is wrong with me then, because it has bugger all to do with old age!! A bit of your own history would be nice along with a sweeping statement such as the disease I have been diagnosed with isn’t real. It is not my intention to be rude but I am very tired and very sensitive at the moment. Sam

I don’t mean to be rude or insensitive but even younger people can have spots on a brain MRI and be healthy people. Or their symptoms won’t be ms it will be lyme disease misdiagnosed as ms. How come after years of research there is no cure for ms…because its lyme disease its a huge cover uo so pharma can reap the cash.

O bands are also seen in lyme too.

Why about in the uk where our treatment is free? I ha blood tests, it was not Lyme disease. Do you have ms?

What a ridiculous thing to say! Sorry but can’t believe you think that it’s a big cover up and it’s actually Lyme disease. Cancer research has been going on for longer than ms research and they haven’t found a cure for that yet!

Oh, I see, another conspiracy theorist.

Lyme disease is tested for as standard, during MS investigations.

If you have MS, or are suspected of having it, you will find support here. However, if you believe it does not exist, and is a conspiracy, then, whether you mean to be or not, it IS offensive to those of us who have it, and accept we have it, to claim it “does not exist”.

I’m not sure how those who accept their diagnoses can help or support someone who thinks it’s all fraudulent.


Well Nazra I’m gobsmacked that you have the balls to say that on this forum, spots on a MRI can be caused by other things however I trust my consultant to know a MS lesion as she is a specialist in this area. What medical experience do you have? are you in the process of being diagnosed with MS? Do you have neurological symptoms which suggest MS? If not I suggest you live in our world for a day and then tell me it’s the drugs company misleading us for profit!

i dont believe someone bitter and nasty should even be on the site for people who are truely suffering i think you are a very bitter and twisted person ,people on here struggle day to day.Just because you clearly have not got anything wrong with you.Well said tina

lymes diease can kill you if left untreated [deleted by Moderator]

Yeh they think i have ms because my LP camr positive for o bands and mri shows wgite spots. So what that doesnt mean jack to me that can happen in a host of diff diseases and its common in lyme too which i asked myself for them to carry out i had to go through powels. I got the blood test done of my own back i have right hand sided pain for a year and a stiff neck sometimes gets worse sometimes its bearable i have headaches too and i get really tired i dont trust any of the specialist they too busy pocketing money of their private parients using nhs resources, while they neglect ppl like us they just want to lumbar patients with the most common diagnoses and fail to look for other causes ive read so many articles written by real people who had lyme ended uo in wheelchairs and neuro tols them they had ms. Then they had lyme tests came positive and they recovered in four days. Also they lymes test is a xlinical one the blood test is [edited] in the uk. I am going to ask my infectious diseases consultant to give me the standard antibiotics for lyme and see if i improve rather than inject my self with harmful steriods for a disease that is very shady.

Have you all been tested for lyme whats all your vit b tests are you all in good health regarding your vitamins and minerals? Did you know as ms patients you need a higher intake of vit d and vit b have your darling specialists told you this…


I thought maybe you were new to this and scared. We have all been there.

We don’t need comments like “have your darling specialists told you this” Its just patronising rubish i can do without.


Nazra, to contract Lyme disease you have to have been bitten by an infected tick. For this you would have had to have spent alot of time either in forests or on moors or heaths. It is not something prevelant in cities. You would almost certainly have a red circular rash. As for saying the tests are no good in the UK that is cobblers. Living in a rural area our doctors are very hot on the symptoms and would home in on it before suggesting anything else. It is a last call situation being told you have MS. If anything you get told it is other things first and MS Last. I guess if you were hoping to get a reaction by posting something as insensitive as this then it worked!!

Ano what u on about ?? Only 30% of people have a rash ticks are so tiny some people dont remember being biten i went to pakistan in kasmir spent ages in woods went for long walks too.

Darren think outside of the box doctors are not gods as i have unfortuantley realised they are [edited] no one aty gp surgery knew what lyme was…er ok

My specialist will have to write me a letter if my test comes back negative that he refuses to give me antibiotics as a trial btw i had tb in my lungs ive just recivered from that so thats one of the things they are rulinh out just recovered from tb now they saying ms.

I rang the ms society research centre today there was one member of staff available who start stuttering when i asked her what are the latest plans of action youve taken to help research drugs that will repair mylien instead of awful drugs that bide patient by making them worse…she had nithing to say i said wheres the main boss she goes in a meeting i go so the funds you recieve are going towards meeting and tea and coffee?

I guess you are scared and feeling very alone, hence all the horrible replys you give people.

I won’t bite back at you i know we don’t know alot about ms. But i have shown clear signs that i have ms. I am going thru a relapse at the mo.

The doc’s maynot be gods but they seem to be my best chance at the mo.