I DID IT !!!!!

For most of you, you will not understand the significance of the- what is to most/or will become a daily chore.           However to me its huge.

I have after a week of chickening out  used the autoject for my copaxone rather than manually doing it.

I have to say I doubt I shall use it again (or maybe if I really have to where I cant reach) as I found it far more painful and alot of faffing about, but I can at least say Ive got the tee-shirt.


Well done you! And Hi again!

Brilliant PiP.

Verry well done :-)


*thumbs up* :)

Thank you all.


Well done pip x

Well done you!!! thumbsupxxjenxxx

Well done Pip  happy2



Huge congratulations to you Pip big (hug) :slight_smile: Laine x

Well done pip I’m not sure I could do it.

Hi, well done you! My hubby uses autoject weekly, for his rheumatoid arthritis. He says it is much easier than with the manual one.

luv Pollx