I am very worried... Opinions and feedback please!!

Hey there! I am seeing a neurologist, currently diagnosed with ocular migraines. He ordered an MRI and a whole lot of blood work because of my increasing symptoms. He didn’t tell me what he believed is going on, but based on my own research, I cannot help but wonder if he thinks I have multiple sclerosis. A little over 2 years ago, I started seeing spots, my brain became very confused and I could hardly respond to anyone who tried to speak to me. Those episodes lasted 15-20 minutes. They would came once or twice a month for about a year and a half, then subsided for about 6 months. They came back 2 months ago, this time with more intense and additional symptoms. I had extreme back and back pain, then slurred speech, extreme fatigue, confusion, vertigo, unable to speak or sign a paper, anxious, heavy limbs, slightly numb and tingling left leg and left arm, and moody. The first three days I laid on the recliner, caring for my children at the bare minimal, changing diapers, feeding snack cakes, and sandwiches when I could remember how to make one. That’s it, they watched TV the whole spring break. Poor sweet babies, although I don’t think they believe it was a bad thing. The symptoms continued for 9 days in a row… Subsided for two days, and came back for a couple of days. These symptoms would last for HOURS and subside for 30 minutes, an hour, maybe two then come back for hours and hours. Then, it went away for a month. Now they are back with foot pain in my ankle, arch and toes, I limped for a week… Now I am not limping hardly, but the pain is now in my fingers. It feels like when you keep your joints in a position for a long time, then move them after they’re stiff and painful. The vertigo is now all of the time, especially when I stand. Last night, I fell backwards. Stiff… Like a domino when you stack them up and knock them over. They’ve tested me for vitamin deficiencies. They were fine, but now they’re testing me for even more things… I’m just not sure what yet. I forgot to mention, that under my left rib, it’s tender to touch, and all over the top of my ribs. Wow does it hurt! Almost as if I have broken ribs. I also feel like my chest is closing in… Super scary and uncomfortable. Please, let me know what this sounds like to you.


with ms we all have different symptoms so it is difficult to say if you have it.

just make sure your neuro is informed of these symptoms.

really awful for you with young children.

one thing that really helps is mindfulness meditation.

you don’t need to sit crosslegged or anything like that.

just listen to the CDs and concentrate on keeping focussed on nothing at all.

carole x

just read this back and it sounds like rubbish advice but it works for me and others.

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oh dear, what a lot of very scary symptoms going on.

It could be MS, but it could also be lots of other things too.

Please try not to self diagnose, as this could be harmful.

I know it`s like second nature to ask Dr Google, but we can be barking up a lot of wrong trees doing that.

As Carole above says, let your doctors know all your symptoms and then trust in them to do their work and sort everything out.

Let us know how you go and tke care hun.


Really feel for you having to look after your young children when feeling so very ill,i know how hard that is i had a very bad relapse when my little one was 6 weeks old i couldnt hold her bottle at times to feed her its so scary.

Have you anyone to help you i hope so.None of us could possibly say what you might have,im afraid its just a matter of waiting until they find out.If you have already had an MRI then you might not have to wait too long for some answers.Have you been under a lot of stress lately ? i know when i have been having lots of stress my symptoms go haywire.I know its hard but Carole was right in suggesting meditation or even just relaxation.I do guided imagary for my stress levels as i have severe anxiety and it helps me such a lot.

I knew my neurologist was looking for MS when he wanted me to have an MRI.

Just so you know… and i apologise for this certainly will not provide an answer to the enquiry… but you might find that you receive a greater number of responses if you cut your post up into paragraphs.

I’m not trying to be a dickhead here, i’m just being honest; i opened your forum thread, took a glance at the wall of text in front of me, and reached for the ‘back’ button. i just cannot digest such an onslaught of black and white, no matter how much i would want to lend a helping hand.

I may not be the only one that reacts this way.


My neurologist mentioned MS the first time I saw him before he saw an MRI image.

So if that’s specifically what yours is looking for, I don’t see any reason s/he would keep quiet.

I wish you all the best