I am now a Grumpy Old Man

I have been depressed I am now way past depressed. I am becoming my Dad and he died fifty years ago. Everything is to expensive to loud to bright and I dont like it. I dont like stuff on principle.



hi don

love your blog!

i’m on the way to being a grumpy old bag (woman) myself.

christmas is just a pain in the bum. i dont like other people doing their christmas shopping because they clog up the roads!

don’t like all the extra noise.

don’t like too many twinkly lights.

my neuro calls this sensory overload and i don’t like that either!!

anyway from one sourpuss to another “happy humbug”

carole x

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Well done hoppity Don, you’ve turned your grumpiness into an art form.

I’m with you on pounds, shillings and pence; also feet and inches.

Now,what about American spellings? They make me rage.

Happy moaning.


this will cheer you up then… it is spelt ‘too’

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Don’t worry Don. I’m 58 and I can fully empathise with your latest blog

Me and my husband call each other Victor and Margaret after ‘one foot in the grave’

Of course my husband moans more than me you know

I can safely diagnose you as being normal

"I am now a Grumpy Old Man’

What took you so long, Don?


As I said to my wife when I reached the age of 72, “I am now entitled to be cantankerous and obstreperous and I am going to be cantankerous and obstreperous.”

To which my wife replied, “Oh, I see … no change then.”



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Thanks folks so I am normal then. Bah blooming Humbug

Rising sixty? A mere stripling!

The youth of today have no stamina.


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hiya anon

some have got it all…

but what have they got?!

for me i am having christmas dinner on 23rd cos i have nobody to help me on 25th. what i do have is 4 fab kids who dont demand anything of me other than my company when i am able to do so…

on 25th we are not going to wash or dress but eat toast and sweets and watch tv and play board games. no stress for any of us!

all the money in the world couldnt buy that ‘day’

oh sometimes i think i am a grumpy old git but i like to think its more assertive re saying what i do/dont want!



Wow ellie, sounds like my perfect Christmas, can I come?!!! Have a choc orange on me!!!

Hi Don, all i can say is, so what!, you be as grumpy as you want hun. The Grumpy old …? series on tv was hysterical and only told the truth as far as i’m concerned!

Heee Heeee I am home alone for a while so I came on here to see how everyone else is doing. Does life get better than this I am watching re runs of the Big Bang Theory and swigging orange squash to help the pain killers go down. I am sure this headache will go and the sun will stop shining just as I feel well enough to go out

Has anyone here ever tried HBOT?


HBOT has been mentioned by some before, but this thread isn’t the correct place to ask (…this much of a change of subject may be thought of as ‘hi-jacking’ the thread.

Therefore, may I respectfully suggest you start another thread.


That’s a cheeky little bottom Dom

Thank you for saying ‘little’, Blossom

And I’ve just pulled RobRob up for going off-topic, and now I’m doing exactly the same

Sorry everyone !!