i am loosing the plot

woke today at 6am feeling so stressed like im loosing my mind it has been on and off all day,i cant,when put into words how bad its making me feel, i have some diazepam and think i might have to take one, i dont like to but if this doesnt go off soon i dont know what the hell to do,when i am in bed i want to get up, and when i get up i want to lie back down,i cant settle to do anything, my partners just come home from work and as soon as i saw him i started crying and sobbing like a baby, i just want it to stop.

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Hi mrsJ,

You need to see your GP. Tell him/her exactly how you feel, just the same as you told it here.

If you’ve already seen your doctor; get a new one. Preferably female.

no hugs from me I’m afraid (your partner may be watching!) but… well … you know.


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This may sound feeble, but are you able to listen to the radio?

Radio3 is fabulous but if music does not work, what about Radio4 and Radio4extra. There is a wealth of comedy and plays from the BBC archive on iPlayer. It helps to keep me sane. Half an hour of ‘Round the Horne’ or Tony Hancock lifts the spirits and helps you forget, just for a little, anyway.

I hope you find a way through it.



Did the diazepam work J? Are you stressed about anything in particular? Remember you’ve been quite poorly, are you frustrated by low energy levels or things you can’t manage to do? It’s a really difficult one but Anthony is right, maybe you do need to see the gp with a view to possibly getting something to help you relax. Do you think you’d benefit from anything like counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy or even an anti depressant?

I had a severe bout of depression a few years ago and benefited from both meds and CBT. I don’t understand exactly how they worked but I’m more positive now than I was in my early twenties. It may not be effective for you, we’re all different, but what do you have to lose?

Please let us know how you get on, take care.

Cath xx


Mrs J,

I think the others are right in that you should speak to your GP.

I get this awful restlessness, I drive myself insane with it! I generally get it for one of two reasons, I have an infection and or a temperature or because my thyroid is in overdrive.

Worth mentioning to your GP just in case it’s something that can be put right.

Take Care,

Nina x


Hi Mrs J x. Time to get an appointment today or Monday at the latest, to see your GP or MS Nurse. No appointments? Insist on speaking to them on the phone. Your situation doesn’t sound too good and MS is a beggar to mess with our minds. You are most definitely NOT losing the plot. But oh how the MS Monster likes to get it’s way into our minds to trick us with: Rest Now, Wake Now, Sleep Now, Walk Now, Clean Now, Sleep Now. Shake yourself…and then, bam! Oh you’ve over done it now.

This monster is sometimes too troublesome for us to deal with on our own. Sometimes, I want to have a duvet week, just to forget the world and sleep. Usually, for me, after the first few hours of starting a duvet day…reading, surfing, shopping & spending a fortune, I get up but then too tired to get dressed. I even rang my sister and told her how insulated I felt…I meant isolated of course, but she just thought I’d had another down filled coat.!

Our GP’s and MS Nurse Specialists have a job to do and they can only do it if they’re aware of our difficulties. You need them today hon, so please give them a call and let us know how you are. XX


Thanks for all your replies, i slept last night and feel better today,yesterday was very hard, but i do think i have a lesion on the part of my brain that deals with anxiety,because it goes off just as quick as it came on,i am in a relapse anyway,so putting it down to that,i just didnt know where to turn yesterday,and if it had still been there today i would have rung the dr.

I told the neuro last time i went that i got it, but he just said even if it was a lesion, it is treated just the same as anxiety is in a non ms person,i dont have an ms nurse now, as i have to be referd back by a dr, as i was too ill to make my last appoitment.

i dont have much faith in my dr with MS problems,as they seem stuck what to do.

thanks again.

J x


I apologise profusely for my first post which, on re-reading sounds superficial and trite. I had no idea how poorly you were.

If I can offer a sensible suggestion, I recommend strongly that you rebuild a relationship with your MS nurse. He/She can offer much more sensible and focussed advice than a GP. I am sure that your MS nurse can arrange a home visit and you can discuss your difficulties there. You shouldn’t have to traipse miles to a clinic.

Wishing you the best.



Alun, no need for an apology at all, you were making a suggestion,to try and help me.

Thankfully i feel much better today.

J x

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