Hypnotherapy and tremor

I’m fairly new to this site but have had MS for 20+ years.
One of my significant symptoms is a tremor in my hands which makes everyday activities difficult.
I think that hypnotherapy could be helpful and I would be interested if anyone had experience of this (good or bad). I had 2 sessions a couple of years ago which did not help but I am told that it can sometimes take a few attempts to find a suitable therapist. I have not given up on the idea.

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Ray - never tried for this but I would imagine it would allow you the ability to control/manage. Always check qualifications and supervision details - the MS Team might be able to help. What ever you do every best wish.

When I was diagnosed I had clinical hypnosis recommended by my GP , there is a properly qualified therapist in the surgery albeit private. What I can tell you is that it made a huge difference to my stress and anxiety levels. Maybe it could help you that way? I can also tell you that you are in control, not the therapist as on TV shows. For me it was worth it and I still use the recordings ( she recorded each session and gave me the CDs).It is worth making sure you have a really good therapist. Good luck.

Thanks for your reply. I will “shop around” and pay attention to qualifications.

Best wishes.

Thanks for your reply. You made some good points which I will keep in mind.
Best Wishes.