hi all,anyone got experience of this little beauty of a symptom which when combined with emotional lability/mood swings makes mash…makes mash…makes mash…well its gonna be either MAD… or cry!!!

any advice/tips for this is appreciated thanks

sorry mash,

that sounds infuriating.

can’t think of anything to help, maybe mindfulness meditation?

my husband has problems with tinnitus and gets relief by listening to hawkwind at high volume through headphones.

the headphones are not his choice but mine!

carole x

Hi carole,it is infuriating,had it for a long time now and seems that its not very commen am yet to find anyone thats got it/had it.I too get tinnitus a lot but even though i get it very often it never lasts long enough to bother me so am lucky in that respect.

It seems to me that with ms they leave you to sort your own problems out.

Thanks for the suggestion i will remember that if it ever lasts longer tho maybe not hawkwind

ha ha!!

so you don’t want to listen to hawkwind either then?

i didn’t dislike them in my younger days but ms has seen those off.

now i’m a miserable old biddy!

carole x

carole, i wasnt sure if it was a band or a meditation tape!!!.. lol (before my time)

I havent even reached my 40th year yet but when i do you can imagine how much fun it will be—theyll be definately no loud noises/music (not even a bit of hawkwind) or sudden movements,no alcohol\smoking…and so on and so on…oh and watch out for mood swings (cant wait)

im glad you had fun while you could!!! because i am a miserable middle aged man!

nah mash

never too late for a bit of madness!

actually my husband was so moody when he turned 40.

quite unbearable, good job i’ve the patience of a saint!

50 he became a grumpy old man.

now he’s 60 and total rewind back to teens.

meanwhile i’m on a fast ride into old age thanks to ms!

if you aren’t too far away from wales there is a wonderful festival in september.

festival number six at portmeirion, where the prisoner was filmed.

very calm and in exquisite surroundings.

it’s a fair drive from here (manchester) but i went twice and loved it.

carole x