i posted a while ago about hydrotherapy. today we had a meeting with neuro voices (a group of neuro physios).

everybody was made up with the results of the sessions and we all desperately want to continue.

trouble is that old chestnut about funding.

there is this brand new hydrotherapy pool there, hardly used and yet this group who would make very good use of it cannot get funding.

so how about a group scream “aaarrrghhh!!!”

carole x

If it works for you Carole then here’s a SCREAM for you!



My first question, Carole, would be:
“Who controls the pool?”

From this, you can ask how much it costs to open it for a given period each week.
Then you can see if the figures make sense.
Then you can see about raising the funding for that period.
Then you can challenge the decision to close it.

My guess is that “someone” has said that “We can save £X per annum by closing the pool” and no one has challenged the figures. Challenge the figures - publicise the situation (local media, of course, that is what they are there for) - expose any dubious accounting - and if you can raise the funding, you could maybe get the pool back in service.

As an example, we have a new civic building near me that is now projected to make a running loss. It costs a lot of cash per hour to hire, and the hiring organisation are not even allowed to move a light-switch - that can only be done by a member of staff - and that can mean that the staff member must be there all the time. So, of course, there are already local organisations that will not hire it. Already, the caterers have had to be changed following complaints of overcharging - one example in the local press was for a bowl of peanuts that was provided as “refreshments” and costed out as over £20.

OK, so that could be an extreme case, but how do you know that the claimed savings made by not opening your pool again are anywhere near accurate?


What part of the country are you in?

hi everybody

i’m in bolton and the pool belongs to bolton uni and bolton council.

it’s a brand new pool in a brand new gym in a brand new university.

i realise it must cost quite a bit to hire it out to us because a life guard has to be there.

thinking calmly about it i realise that we were lucky to have had 5 sessions at £5 each.

neuro voices team are hoping to get something organised.

one of the men who attended has asked his gp to refer him for hydrotherapy because he says that it was of more benefit than all his medications. i could ask my gp for the same.

thanks for your replies

carole x