Husband with ppms

Hi,my husband was diagnosed with ppms a few years ago.He is very snappy and moody towards me.I try to be supportive and understanding of his condition.It is so hard to see my husband frustrated but I feel like I need support too.

OK i can answer this. I was same with my husband. I didnt mean to be snappy or bad tempered honestly and it was not triggered by anything from him. It could be simply down to noise or light or something that would trigger my senses and make me want to scream.

I was hateful to him but he just ignored me, as we made a pact when i knew my MS was kicking my butt I would tell him, so he was aware. He was very patient with me lol. sadly i lost him 4 years ago from his own illness. Now i could scream at anything lol. its just not describable. MS TRIGGERS some weird things.

I am sure he doesnt mean to be snappy with you.

Maybe this might help you. Emotional and cognitive changes | MS International Federation

I appreciate its hard on a loved one. The thing is have you checked if you can get help with him and his needs, and also just because he has MS unless he is bedridden (then he should have care anyway), you can still go out and get away from each other. Also dont treat him differently. It would drive me mad as my husband would constantly put barriers up for me. I wanted to go for lunch OH WILL YOU BE UPTO IT, etc etc. in the end it was easier to stay where i was.

TALK TO HIM. sit him down and just be honest. xxx believe me i am so frustrated as i dont have my old life anymore, i cant just grab car keys and go out, everything I do has to be planned, it drives me nuts and yes i get snappy and moody. but my family know that now and leave me alone lol. xxx

Thanks for your reply.I am sorry to hear about your husband.He is not too bad since my post,he had been trying to do too many things that day, and was very tired .He is still mobile and doing things as much as he can.Take care of yourself.

@SuzieQ1 bless you hunny i know sometimes you just have to talk to someone. I am terrible for over doing it. I want to do more and because i am on my own i just have too, but i do try to pace.

Its good to keep mobile. He has a great partner by his side. xxxx

Dont forget to take some time out for yourself ok. xxx