Humidity in our lounge 76%. Makes the carpet feel like it’s sticky, making it hard to walk. Anyone else find this? Expecting a parcel delivery, so got the door open. Very pleasant. 20.1C in the lounge. If I close the door I’ll feel cold and shivery, put a jumper on then overheat. Isn’t MS fun. Heather

We have broken thermostats. It sucks x

I have a broken thermostat too!!! It’s a real pain. If I had a penny for every time a person said “are you having a hot flush?” I would be very rich.

Shazzie xx

I’ve worked out that as soon as my underarms start to feel warm - not hot or sweaty - then I’m starting to overheat. I think that’s why I do best wearing sleeveless tops - keeps that area ventilated. If I wear a short sleeved or long sleeved top, the air gets trapped under my arms and warms me up.