Just to say I look on this forum when I am emotionally ‘wobbly’. It always makes me feel warm and safe. It also makes ms more real than I am ready for. So to the regulars thankyou. To those who just read, ask, to everyone in emotional & or physical pain, big big hugs

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Bug hugs to you too. I’ve had ms for 16yrs and its only now that I feel I’d like to speak to more ‘MS’ people about it and connect with people. 2018 was a horrible year for me, mentally and physically and MS definitely played its horrible part too. But 2019 is a new year and I definitely think I need to attend my local ms group for more support. I think sitting and talking with like minded people, who know what I’m going through is most certainly the way forward. Steff X

big hugs sarah,

i totally get how you feel.

i used to come here before officially diagnosed.

my lovely neuro dropped a hint to prepare myself for it (lovely man).

steffybeth - find your nearest ms therapy centre because the mood is so upbeat.

there are people in a far worse state than me who still smile and lift my mood.

it sounds just what you need.

the therapies on offer are great too.

hugs all round