In May i’m going to have a hysterectomy and will have to take HRT my worries are how will it affect my ms.


Hi Sara, From what I know it shouldn’t be a problem. I was on HRT but that was before MS, so can’t say. But I didn’t have any side effects from the HRT itself. It certainly made menopause a whole lot easier and was very easy to come off of.

Suggest you post of Everyday Living for bigger response. Also google it… I’m sure there’s probably quite a bit of info out there.

I’m sorry you have to have hysterectomy and hope it all goes well.

Take care,

Pat x


Thank you for your help.

Sara x

I was on HRT when I was diagnosed with MS in 2002. I told my dr. that I wanted to come off as I’d been on it for quite some time, but he said to leave things alone as my body had enough to cope with at present!

After a while I decided to try again and he gave me a reduved dose for a couple of months, then said to stop completely - BAD IDEA!!! I eventually went back to HRT until things settled down and then started my own programme of slow withdrawal.

After taking months to get off the HRT I eventaully tried Imea tablets from Boots (I think other chemists also stock them) and eventaully I was able to stop these as well. Still get the occasional ‘hot flush’ but can now cope.

Good luck, it really is fun being a woman isn’t it?