Anyone on or tried HRT

Hi just wondering if its safe to be on HRT with MS, anyone had experience of it? Thanks

Hi Yes I’m on hrt and have been for about 8 years. I’m on oestrogel and have a Mirina Coil for the Progesterone part. I had terrible symptoms. Are you thinking of trying it yourself? I’m 53 at the moment but my coil is due out next summer but am dreading it as not sure if they will let me have another because of my age… Best thing I ever done, periods stopped after initial 3 months of having it fitted. Out ms symptoms are worse with menopause as out body temperatures fluctuate due to flushes etc, doctors are usually helpful if you tell them that your ms makes your symptoms worse and vise versa. Ask away if you have any questions… Ann x

Hi, I’m on HRT and its right for me. The hot flushes and night sweats made my MS symptoms worse and I just didn’t see the point in feeling any worse than I had too! Although the HRT doesn’t seem to get rid of every menopause symptom (my emotions are all over the place) it certainly helps big time. Perhaps just try HRT and if its not working for you then stop. Good luck

I have been on HRT for a while now, and feel it helps a lot. Here’s a link to a recent Bart’s blog that might be of interest - I found it reassuring.