Howdo i stay uti free?

I just came out of hospital (not for ms, yeah), while i was there i was put on an antibiotic iv for other reasons, but it also sorted out the uti i had, how can i and what is the best way to stay uti free?

hi catt

i have been dignosed 8 years now-and have never had a uti. i drink water and fruit teas only and have taken cranberry capsules for 6 ish years. am thinking prevention is better than dealing with the uti’s…and so far it seems to be effective.

hope this info helps.

ellie x

I`ve had one uti in nine years,aiming to keep urine straw coloured and drink 2litres fluid a day is helpful.x

Hi A lot of people are recommending D Mannose tablets… Xx

Hi, Ive just found out that I am retaining urine and didnt know i was! Ive had 4 utis this year and anti-biotics got rid of them…but not fully.

I had a bladder scan and was shocked to hear that after emptying, I had 325mls left in my bladder…up to 150ml is acceptable.

Hence the cause of the utis and awful pong! I`ve been told that if retention continues, it could affect my kidneys. I have problems with urgency and wetting accidents.

So I am hopefully, going down the supra pubic catheter route. I tried an in-dwelling one a few years ago and had lots of problems, so had it taken out after 5 months of persevering.

I do drink cranberry juice every day. A few folk on here take D-Manoose tablets and find it helps protect them from utis.

Yes, you must drink lots and lots of water.

Hope this helps.

luv Pollx

Hi everyone,

I havent had a full blown UTI for a few years now; but regularly have an irritated bladder which is uncomfortable and annoying as I have days and nights whereI the loo becomes my second home. I often feel I should just stay on the loo because as soon as I just get downstairs or snuggled back into to bed I need to go again only to pass enough to fill a shot glass!!!

I drink lots of water but it can happen anyway, bladder scan did reveal residual urine after I had used toilet but fortunately it was not enough to create concern. When the episodes happen I drink little concotion I read about in my Spirit&Destiny magazine, a suggestion from their holistic health page and for me it works effectively after a couple of drinks or at the latest the next day.

It is simply 1/2 tumbler of cold water, juice of 1/2 lemon squeezed in and just before drinkin add a level tsp bicarb and stir until the bicard has dissolved.

I have a glass before bed and another in the morning until it clears along with my 2litres plus.

Joy x

I do intermittant self-catheterisation after a scan showed I was retaining urine. I think it was 350ml at the time but can’t really remember. Retention of urine is one of the most frequent causes of UTIs. I drink lots of water and take cranberry tablets too.

Hi - I too have a wonky bladder. I do not drink enough I know. I went for a bladder scan. If I hadn’t have drunk a lot of water before hand I believe I would have not had a high enough residual in my bladder. Because l lhad drank loads I had over 100 mls residual in my bladder land put on ISC. I then had the unfortunate incident In the changing room of not being able to hold on and had to wee -only place available was in the dirty gown bin. How embarrassing… Oh the indignity of MS. So I conclusion my tip is to drink loads of water before going for a bladder scan.l ISC is great changed my life. From constantly going to the loo. ISC before I go out so empty bladder puts me in control. Sorry just re read original post and this does not answer your question. Hope you get sorted Hugs Min xx

I take cranberry capsules daily, no problems since I started taking them and I have a SPC. Drinking plenty too helps, I know it’s boring! I feel all I do is drink water.

I hope you get sorted

Sara x


I’ve used intermittant self catheterisation (ISC) for about 5 years. I had one very serious UTI, blew up in a couple of hours, temperature of 39.8 and sepis. Not at all nice. In hospital for 4 days on drip and antibiotics and indwelling catheter. I’ve also had a couple of minor infections.

I don’t always drink enough water. Problem is that exercise makes me want to pee so it is trying to find a balance plus I’m on detrusitol to stop bladder getting agitated.

I agree that ISC is a life changer, if you canot hold on or unable to empty bladder then go to MS nurse and talk about ISC - be brave

Yes I agree MS can be very humiliating, you now have to do things you would never have dreamt of doing before you were diagnosed and it can only get worse

Good luck,


D-Mannose are excellant. I take them for a couple of days if I feel an attack coming. They seem to stop the UTI in its tracks!

Moyna x

Hi my husband has the aloe versa juice from Holland and bar rat its very good for uti also colds and bacterial infections


I retain so have been self catheterising and haven’t had a UTI since it also really helps with the urgency issues I had .It feels odd to start with but now its just part of my normal routine and I wish I had started sooner.

Ellie x

hi catt

i self cathetise and i take a low dose of antibiotic as a maintenance dose.(one tab of trimethoprim)

apart from the fatigue, bladder issues are the worse symptom.

nurse at the bladder clinic told me to stop drinking coffee because it irritates the bladder.

occasionally though i have a very strong coffee because i reckon my bladder irritates me so i’ll irritate it back!!

carole x

Drinking cranberry and raspberry juice daily has worked for me for about 5 years. Also have to lean right forward after feeling bladder empty to empty the rest. Seem to retain quite a bit if I don’t do this. Do drink lots of water too. A xx

How many D-Mannose a day are good to take for prevention?