How to tell my son.

I have today been to the doctor who is sending me for tests for ms. My aunt has ms and I have now got symptoms myself. (Have had them a while but been burying my head). My biggest worry is how do I tell my 7 year old son. I’m the strong one of the family. I have ran 3 half marathons. I’m the one who protects him and in his eyes I’m invincible. Any ideas of how to tell him. He’s already picked up that I have times where I’m very tired. Thank you for your help.

why tell your son before you have been diagnosed? wait until you have a definite diagnosis before you even go there. if and when you get an official diagnosis, meaning that your neuro actually tells you to your face, then you will need to explain in terms he can understand that you have been a bit poorly and the doctor sent you to a specialist. be very careful not to make him worry. you are his hero, he believes in you completely, don’t take his hero away. as you tell him watch carefully to see if he understands. if you don’t want your diagnosis to be shared with anyone else, tell him this. on the other hand, you won’t want him to be worried at school. so have a quiet word with his head teacher and ask that is he has any problems they should contact you immediately. make absolutely sure that he knows how much you love him and that you always will. going forward, be sure to cuddle him as much as always. those cuddles are very important therapy for you as well. much love carole x