How to not give up.

It’s not the not knowing that’s the problem. It’s the not being able to do! I don’t know how much longer I can carry on like this. Things that were easy 12 month ago seem like climbing mount everest now. I really really try to stay positive and have tried my hardest to not let my body rule. But it is! And I can’t find my old mentality. Negative nanny has moved in and she is not contributing at all to the household duties! How do you overcome these mountains that grew from molehills. . Because that’s what they are. I have let things get so bad by ‘resting’ that now I’m rested I can’t face what I have let build up around me. I have managed to carry on going out to work because if I don’t work I’m screwed but once I’m home I’m useless. I literally slip in and out of consciousness I’m that shattered. Being a single parent this raises issues on my parenting. I can’t do this any more.


yes you can. quite ofter its the tought of something-the unknown that actually scares us more than dealing with ‘whatever’ when it happens.

please talk this through with someone properly. my friend took her own life because she couldnt deal with what might have happened. she left behind a hubby and 2 teenage kids. nobody knows what the next hour will bring, never mind tomorrow.

you are bloody amazing-start to believe it.


dear saltypie

give yourself a break!

fatigue is real!

talk to your ms nurse about it, perhaps you will be able to try modafinyl but not many areas allow this.

all those people who have said “let me know if i can help” - well let them know.

if it’s an hour spent on helping with housework, that will make a big difference.

try Access to Work because in some circumstances they can provide taxis to and from work.

they can also work with your employer to improve your work station and maybe get you more rest breaks.

are there any other parents who could share the school run, that would be another big help.

i hope you can find a way out of this

carole x

Hey Saltypie,

with regards to housework,

make yourself a to do list so you can cross things off; however long that list is it helps to feel you have achieved something every time you can cross one off.

I make my own schedule of what I call my ‘advert jobs’.

I’ll put the TV on during the mornings I’m not at work, and sit for say 15 minutes of a programme, then when the adverts come on I use those 3 minutes to e.g. wash up, or get a load into the washing machine, or hoover the lounge or run a duster round etc - just small jobs that I am capable of doing. But I have to stop when the adverts do. And rest till the next break.

I make it a challenge but if I fail to finish a job in one ad. break, well there’s always next time.

By breaking it down into small manageable tasks I find I can get quite a bit done during the morning, without making myself too fatigued and achy.

How old are your children? Give them their own jobs to do - if they have the same 3 minutes you can make it a great game as you all jump up and start your tasks (depending on their ages of course - maybe not if they are teenagers!!)

The bigger jobs - cleaning windows, changing beds, ironing etc. as Carole said above, ask friends or family to lend a hand. Maybe there’s something you can do in return, which will make you feel better about having to ask for help.

Try not to get overwhelmed. I see things as a jigsaw, lots of little pieces making up the whole. You have to build the picture one piece at a time.

Don’t beat yourself up, you’re doing great if you’re managing to hold down a job and raise your kids and cope with MS at the same time. Give yourself a break.



I totally get the frustration of being so so tird. I have not yet found answers, but I fully understand how hard it is when even putting a load of laundry in feels like a big deal. Hugs, Hope it starts getting better soon