How to get a diagnosis

Hi, new here. So i hope i’m doing this correctly and this post is allowed.

Basically caring for a friend who hasn’t actually been given the MS diagnosis but has all signs pointing towards.

-Uncontrollable shakes and numbness

-Loss of vision progressively becoming worse


-Mobility problems mainly on her right side including sometimes losing most of the function of her foot which results in it being dragged slightly

-On a lot of pain meds

-Problems with speech and finding the correct words, the list literally goes on.

What brings me to writing this post is complicated and i will try my best to keep it short.

Her consultant told her this was not MS and it would go away and wouldn’t happen again, this was 5 year ago and we are now 5 years on with the symptoms becoming worse each time she has an episode and ends up hospitalised several times per year. It would appear this is a battle of the Doctor not wanting to admit he was wrong therefore being less than forthcoming with help leaving her in limbo without any official diagnosis or any sign of a resolution in sight. She has tried seeking other professionals opinions who all are in favour of the MS diagnosis but this always ends up going back through Doctor Ming and never seems to go any further. It is like he is blocking her from moving forwards.

We are hoping someone can help us with how to get an official diagnosis and help her move on with her life before she is unable to.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you’re not satisfied with your GP sign on with another doctor.

Hi, it’s not the gp that is the issue but the head of neurology at Hull that she is having trouble with. She has requested second opinions from other doctors but the paperwork always ends up going back through her consultant which is when she hits a brick wall. Is it possible to demand she has nothing to do with Ming?

Basically an MS diagnosis is based on test results, in particular MRI tests. So if your friend hasn’t had MRI scans of her brain, and possibly the spine, then MS couldn’t be diagnosed. But if she has seen a neurologist and had tests, including MRI, then she might have to accept that she doesn’t have MS.

There are many other diagnoses which resemble MS, so it’s possible that she has many MS like symptoms, but doesn’t have MS.

If however, she’s been just seeing her GP and never been referred to a neurologist, then maybe seeing another doctor in the practice, or changing GPs might help.

All the best.