How to cope with my husbands moos swings

This is my first time using a forum so please bear with me if I inadvertently do something wrong.

15 years ago my husband experienced some symptoms of MS - to cut a long story short he was told he had a virus in his central nervous system and the results of a MRI indicated that he didn’t have MS “yet”. My husband brushed it off but the “yet” always stuck in my mind.

He had a horrific accident that nearly killed him 7 years ago and then a very serious bone infection that could also have killed him nearly 3 years ago. He has a lot of limitations due to the injuries from the accident. Everything took so long to heal and he faces, at only 38, countless more surgeries.


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I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. You’ve started by titling your post how to cope with my husbands mood (I think) swings.

But then talked about his not having been diagnosed with MS ‘yet’ (15 years ago), and further, that he’s had quite serious injuries and surgery from that, plus a nasty bone infection.

Are you asking whether your husbands mood swings should be blamed on his injuries and surgeries, or if he’s also now got MS as well?

It does sound as though the injuries have done a significant amount of damage to him, so it’s likely that any mood swings could be blamed on that.

But if he also has neurological symptoms, he should ask for a referral to a neurologist for further investigation into the symptoms and neurological tests he had 15 years ago. It is true that some people with MS have extremely short fuses. Whether this is due to neurological damage, or simply to living with pain, fatigue, cognitive and physical symptoms, it really depends on the person. The thing about MS is that we do share many symptoms with each other, but it’s very much an individual diagnosis. My MS is unlikely to be identical with X,Y and Z’s MS.

I hope you find an answer, it’s utterly miserable living with someone who can’t control their temper. I do hope it’s just anger and frustration, and not actual violence you are living with. If it is the latter, don’t feel that you should stay with a man because he has had some dreadful injuries and/or a potential diagnosis of MS. Violence is something nobody should live with.

I wish you the best of luck. I hope your husband on his (hopefully) better days, appreciates you.