How things change

Hello all.

How things have changed.

The whole concept of the pub has morphed into something unrecognisable from my early days as a customer. My local is two minutes roll away, does food and serves tea or coffee (all types). It has excellent disabled and baby changing facilities.

The featured image of my romp through the changing face of the public house shows the Sun Inn where I lived for the first few years of my life.


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Lager and black for me please Steve! Totally agree with all of your sentiments. There’s a certain pub etiquette lost on most my age and certainly younger. Me and Mr FB sorely miss a local as such but a short journey later we are more than happy supporting the pub business we couldn’t possibly run one there’d be no profits and too many lock ins. It’s incredible how many feral children (and adults) there are! Today we are enjoying a drink at home in our own ‘pub’ garden as little FB is out for the day! As I write this I’ve raised my glass to wherever your are in the world, cheers Steve !

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