How my life has changed since I was diagnosed.

​I have written another post about my life changes since I was diagnosed. Read more at the following:

hope everyone is as well as can be.

kind regards Deborah

While Deborah,

i was in tears reading your blog. I was dx SP 7 years ago and for me it’s been a slow decline. Not quite needing a wheelchair, not quite needing a catheter nor the riser but I can see it all looming in the horizon.

We have had a few lovely holidays in the past but we thought we had all the time in the world to do the really big holidays we had planned. I suppose we could still do them but all the planning and energy I would need puts me right off.

I tell my children not to put anything off, just go for it as you never know what’s round the corner.

Really enjoyed your blog, Deborah. keep it up.

Saw an article today on Victoria Derbyshire about catching MS early. Am I a bad person being jealous of people getting treatment for their MS.

I really feel quite abandoned as if our MS doesn’t matter.

Sorry for being so negative it’s just the way I feel just now.

Mags xx


Good blog AL. I like the way you write about really difficult stuff honestly and without making it too difficult to read.

I tweeted it.

Pat xx

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Excellent blog,

I often describe my walking as being like an 18 month old …i can walk with bits of furniture inside but outside i’m back to crawling only being 49 I don’t land like an 18 month child… when i fall the ground shakes!

Michelle x


The other day my 88 year old mother, who’s been ill with a virus, said ‘Blimey your walking is even worse than mine’!

Thanks Mum!!!

Pat xx

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Great blog, as per usual, thanks.

When I think back before My Squatter decided to live with me, its as though it’s a totally different person, to who I am now, and that’s quite sad…but true.

Keep smiling

Pam x

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