Definitely PPMS

Hi all Just thought I’d post to say that the MS specialist finally pronounced that I had MS and it was PPMS. He was really good but it hit home when he said ‘it will only get worse’. Feeling relieved but rather sad. Teresa xx

Dear Teresa

Join our select group, I tend to waffle and ramble BUT I know exactly how you feel, I’ve known since Oct 07. Yes it has got worse (I will not lie), not overnight insidiously BUT fight it, it’s a monster/or a large gorlila in the room. I despair of trying to cheer people up - we survive and make the best of things WE simply do! Try not to worry too much it’s not all bad, I have had to slow down and smell the roses

Take care, M

Thank you both for your kind words. Teresa xx

Well you are in our little elite club Teresa and very welcome you are too.

I was dx in 08 and yes my symptoms have got worse… but I have to say it’s very slow. I hardly notice the changes on a daily basis it’s just things like I remember last year I could walk that far and now I can’t. That kind of thing. So we all progress at different rates and even if you have a sudden progression it can stop for a while again. Keep that in mind. We are all different. Many PPMSers are still walking and even those of us who aren’t walking so well are still living our lives. Still enjoying our lives.

I’ve just opened a huge box of Cadburys Milk Tray that I was saving for xmas… in fact is a present from a neighbour. I tell you this as proof that I am still living and enjoying an active life!!!

Take care,

Pat x

Thanks for your kind words Pat. I have noticed a significant progression this year but as the Neuro told me you start each new year at a lower point than the last, so looking back over a year it could seem like more progression than the previous year. I guess this makes sense. I must admit to partaking in a lot of comfort chocolate this week. Teresa xx