Would anyone be willing to share their story please?

When you were diagnosed, how soon your health deteriorated, when you needed walking aids?

thanks x

Hello Annah.

In short:

Diagnosis March 1994 after at least ten years of symptoms.

1995, lost the ability to run.

  1. started using a walking stick.

2000, had to drive an automatic.

2001, was given DLA and a blue badge.

2005, bought the first wheelchair.

2007, first motability car.

2009, first signs of inflamed nerve endings.

2012, gave up work through ill health.

2016, decided to stop driving.

2016, bought an electric wheelchair.

That’s the general outline of my walking/staggering history

Hope it’s helpful.

Best wishes, Steve x

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Hi annah, please don’t get hooked on the idea that the way someone else’s MS journey has gone, will be the same for you.

There was at the last count I read, over 12,000 people with a diagnosis of MS and I guarantee you, every one of those people will have a different story to tell.



Thanks Steve, I am so impressed at how long you kept working. I can’t decide if I should be fighting every symptom or just giving in and accepting. To be honest I keep losing each fight anyway!

anna x

You’re right Poll that is what I am doing. I’m comparing and trying to work out how long I have left … to walk … and to live!

Anna x

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Oh annah!

Trying to work out how long you have left to live, is probably a pretty good way of shortening it!

Oh hun, go take those little furry babies for a toddle!

Do you walk them? Our Sophie gets her exercise running round the house and garden.

Luv Polly


Hi Annah,

Don’t be defined by your disability.

Your life is measured by what you can do.



Diagnosed in 2012, started using a walking stick shortly after.

Gave up work 2014, moved onto 2 sticks but that was unsuccessful. Changed to a rollator which worked fine but my foot drop leaves me with a dragging foot. At home, I get round with a trolley on wheels that I got off my OT.

I can’t walk without holding on to something.

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