How much Diazepam for an MRI

I have an urgent MRI scheduled for the back of 3 on Monday and I need to take diazepam before hand. Ive been prescribed 14mg by my doctor - any advice on how much I should take and when?

hi steffybeth

don’t drive with them in your system!

i’d think one 14mg tablet should be enough to relax you.

check with your doctor or pharmacist if you feel uncertain.

have you asked for diazepam for nerves/phobia of confined spaces?

my GP gave them to me because i had a severe reaction to having my spinal fluid taken and he said i needed an anaesthetic.

i said woah i don’t want to go to hospital but he meant use the diazepam as an anaesthetic.

it worked, slept for 2 days!

good luck

carole x