How many of you were DX'd on 2nd neuro visit?????

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Seasons greetings and much love to you all.

My second neuro appointment is coming up in January and I keep thinking (hopeing??) that I might get a DX when I see them. I was wondering how many people did get their DX on their second neuro visit? or did it take longer?

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I was diagnosed after going to my gp, who told me to go to hospital in the morning. The hospital did an MRI then a few days later when the neuro was at the hospital he diagnosed me. Prior to going to hospital I had no clue about MS or that I might have it. I’d had tingly legs on and off for about 18 months before but didn’t think anything of it or go to the GP. It was only my vision going fuzzy that made me do that. So for me it was all very quick and a big shock.

Good luck in January.



When i first went to the doctors with my first bout of ms symptomes (numb legs, vision issues etc…), they did say sounds like ms. But i was fully diagnosed in my second visit to neuro. At that second visit i had already had a mri, lp, vep and countless blood tests.

Best of luck and happy christmas.


Don’t get your hopes up too much.

I think I’d had three or four visits, at least, before I finally got the news. And that was in spite of him guessing it was MS almost at once - to the point I was confused whether I’d been diagnosed or not. I didn’t know, back then, that there was a gulf between him “knowing” (based on experience) and being able to PROVE.

When did he intuitively “know” it was MS? First meeting! When could he prove it? Months later.



Yes i was diagnosed quickly.

My first appointment with neuro resulted in him sending me for mri,evoked potential tests and lumber puncture.

I had these done and on the second neuro appointment he had the results of the tests and i got my diagnosis.

The neuro then refered me to the ms clinic at the hospital. About 5 months later i started the dmd’s.

Things moved pretty fast for me. Like Sue says - it was a big shock.

Good luck


I went to my gp with odd symptom - my leg felt hot when I bent my neck! then saw neuro who said wear and tear in neck, it will probably clear up, better have an MRI to be on the safe side. A year later went to gp again - feet and legs up to knees had gone numb - another neuro visit followed by MRI then when I went for results was told it was probably MS, lumbar puncture done the same day and MS confirmed.

I was diagnosed on my first visit. I arrived at the hospital, had an MRI that day and got the results 4 hours later. Big Shock.

It was in Asia on all inclusive health insurance. Still big shock. My husband was in a total panic.

I started Rebif a month later and then was really ill, but recovered well.

So, this was in 2000 and I haven’t progressed and have had 4 relapses since then and yes, I have been very lucky, but you can’t tell at the beginning. I had such bad fatigue that I couldn’t read or walk.

I was very ill in 05, but stopped eating gluten and slowly recovered. Moving to Spain and being happy has helped and learning 2 languages has also helped. I failed French at school and I was not academic.

This Christmas, I played in an orchestra, sang in a choir and I have never been happier. It took moving to a new country to get my life back, but I never imagined that I’d improve. It is possible. I forget I have MS when I play my violin (I’m terrible, but just about to get into the Bach concertos - badly though!)

Who’d have thought it? Not me. Not ever.

I’d love to be able to say that it was LDN or Rebif or diet, - all have worked well - but who knows? I reckon it was good luck.

Never give up. I wrote myself off and retreated from the musical world. Last year, I walked passed the orchestra from the local Music Conservatorio and found myself crying and couldn’t stop. The music had opened my soul. I missed music so much that I couldn’t cope with the repressed emotions. I went to register for lessons the next year.

You never know what may change your life and a very Happy Christmas to everyone.

I was also Dx on first appointment as likely MS but I had side stepped things a little…

I didn’t think there was anything seriously wrong, a trapped nerve? but my spinal MRI got me referred to neuro.

I had to take steroids and have a brain MRI and at the 2nd appontment he confirmed MS but now it’s just the type that’s unclear (likely PPMS).

I don’t think you should expect anything. I heard that MS was really difficult to Dx so I was quite hopeful at the 2nd appointment that other possibilities might be looked at, I even asked if a LP was needed and the answer was no, it’s undoubtably MS!

Personally, I’d say deal with what happens if, and when, it happens :wink:

Sonia x

For me, the second visit to the neuro was chiefly a matter of him wanting to check that the initial show of neuro symptoms had subsided (it had). I had not had a scan or anything at that time - the neurologist recommended just forgetting all about it and getting on with life, advice I was happy to accept. As it turned out, I was back on his doorstep a short time later with my second relapse. He was not surprised to see me. Then I was posted into the MRI scanner and dx very fast.



I was diagnosed on my first visit. Totally healthy, then looked and sounded like I’d had a stroke. MRI, LP as an inpatient, then further MRI and neuro appt. Et Voila! MS!

Shell x