Diagnosed on first visit.

I have never seen a neurologist before, neither have I really done much about the possibility of having MS, or to be more honest followed through on issues experienced.

I had Optical Neuritis 5 years ago and was told it was from blunt force trauma; even know never had any bump or alike. 3 months vision restored. Then had same but more acute this time went to see a Optometrist, who sent me to ophthalmologist, who said I need MRI to check for possible issues (honestly I was not sure what they were looking for). I paid for private MRI as was able to get one next day, glad I did as told I had possible MS as brain showed Active, and old liaisons. Told to visit Neurologist.

18 Months later I had an episode of vertigo, and chronic fatigue lasting 3 weeks, and other common symptoms of MS. So went to doctors, and told them above as never been to doctors before of had any specialist reports sent to GP as was not registered.

Had blood tests all great, BP great very healthy and feeling good. Went to neurologist appointment but felt a little guilty as was feeling well and do not want to be a time waster. After reading the suggestions of writing a list of episodes and symptoms in chronological order as well as my MRI on CD-ROM I saw neurologist.

Appointment was very good neurologist really listened, history, reflex’s, gaunt, he then reviewed MRI, 1mm at a time with me, explaining it to me as we went through it, I looked at it and saw a few Liaisons he showed me over 50, asking questions like did you have issue with Left side a year ago and tying liaisons to history of symptoms. He then said I guess you are aware by now you have MS and have had Relapsing Remitting type. My response was, I thougth I had a few mini strokes as my father has had a few.

Could not believe it appointment was an hour and a half long and he was in no rush, very calm, polite and considered.

I have an appointment in 12 weeks for DMD assessment with him and an appointment to meet and the MS nurses at the same time.

After this long post, the question I was going to ask was, after reading the difficulty people having getting a clinical diagnoses can you be diagnosed on first visit to neurologist and has anyone else be diagnosed that quickly or without turmoil.

Hi Yes - I saw a neurologist after losing sensation in my fingers, feet & legs in Easter. I still walk ok & no pain or real physical problems. The neuro referred me for MRI with contrast which took place the following week. I then saw neuro the week after, when I found out I had MS. The neurologist was fantastic. I’ve not enough lesions to qualify medically (under McDonald criteria) for MS but he said I could choose to fall under his care by accepting my symptoms are strongly indicative of RRMS, and therefore my medical records will show this. It was a no-brainer for me. It was all very quick & I’ve just had a follow up appt to get steroids. I was very lucky in retrospect. My husband’s insurance through his work covered me initially for the scans & now I’m seen through nhs. Sounds like you’ve seen a great neuro and are now in a position to receive the care & support you need. I’ve never heard of anyone having an hour and a half appointment! mine have all been 20 mins!! I wish you all the best and hope your experience remains as positive. Jane xx

Yes I only saw gp who referred me to neurologist who in turn sent me for MRI of head and cervical spine. 3 days later he rang me to give me diagnosis. All happened within the space of 4 weeks. I am seeing an ms specialist in a fortnight and part of me still wonders if she will tell me it’s all been a mistake. So yes I’ve been diagnosed quickly but wouldn’t say without turmoil! Hope you are doing ok. Getting a diagnosis so quickly is a hell of a shock x

I was diagnosed at my first neuro visit also. I had attended hospital through A&E, was seen by the eye clinic who diagnosed optic neuritis. A neuro came down to the eye clinic and took a history and sent me for an MRI. Had the MRI and the report was sent to my GP and he referred me to the neuro. When I went he advised there were 2 spinal lesions and one brain lesion. This, plus the optic neuritis and a couple of bouts of sensory problems with my leg was enough for a diagnosis and he put me on DMDs.
I’m back in a week for my second ever neuro appointment, 7 months after diagnosis.

Thank you for all the infomatiom, its great to know your not alone, in the grand scale of things.