How Long To Hear

Just wondering how long it took people from being referred to hear anything about an appt? The hospital I’ve been referred to has information on their site saying they aim to process referrals in 24hrs but I was referred 3 weeks ago and have heard nothing. I have phoned to check its there but just seems a long time to just get a date let alone wait for the actual appt

It took me 6 weeks to get my appt date which is 2 months on from that date (7th Aug). My doc said that it would be between 6-12 weeks just to hear about an appt so I was quite lucky. That is what it is for my area. Hope yours moves a bit quicker

Sharon x

Thanks for that 3 week not bad then I just wondered when the blurb said 24hrs! Mine might not be as long gp sending copy of optician report but said it will be neuro decision as to whether they move it forward or not. Let me know how you get on. I assume by the 72 after your name we’re about the same age as I’m a 73 baby :wink:

We could do with some sort of table with waiting times by area/hospital! I’m waiting for referral to ms clinic after diagnosis from neuro (not an ms specialist). Really hope I’m not waiting too long - after a diagnosis over the phone following a massively speedy process (4 weeks from gp visit to diagnosis) I am stressed and anxious and have tonnes of questions x

Thats a great idea sunflower just to give a rough guide. 4 weeks is really quick! ! Hope you get to ask all your question soon X

24hrs? WOW. That would even be super quick if you went private!

If youve rung to check you are on the list, then there aint much else you can do hun.

Hang in there, yeh?


Yep I’m a 72 baby :slight_smile: I will let you know and how opticians go on Tues. My doc did say that our referrals go through a triage system so hopefully yours do too and with the eye problem they might decide to get you in quicker :slight_smile:

Sharon x

I thought you were saying you are a 72 year old baby!

My firstborn was in 72…she`ll be 41 in Sept.

Gosh you make me feel ancient at 60! I am 37 in my mind…body says different!


Oh Poll, thank goodness I wasn’t drinking when I read that. The wall would have been a right mess! Lol, Some days I may feel 72 but no. I was 41 in May so a little bit older than your first. Thanks for making me laugh. After my kids being a nightmare this morning I needed that

Sharon xx

Yep Poll I thought 24hrs seemed quick then you get anxious waiting (or I do). Lol at 72 yr old baby’s though although think my kids think I am. I’LL be 40 next month but 23 in my head. Let me know how you get on Sharon. I’m off for a weekend away with my 2 best mates Thursday so going to try and chill out and pretend I’m not a 73yr old baby that falls over a lot

Just to confuse things I am 42 - the 77 of my name doesn’t relate to my year of birth!

Sometimes this forum just makes me chuckle! Well needed sometimes! Btw, my referral, to the appointment was four months! It really is a waiting game! Best of luck! Kay xxx

Sunflower77 at least you didn’t call yourself Sunflower42 we would be thinking you were much much older :slight_smile:

Arwen, have a nice relaxing time and try not to think about it all too much. Easier said than done I know! I know what you mean, I only feel like I’m in my 20’s. Not sure the kids agree though!

At least we can laugh at it all. If we didn’t we wound probably create more floods than the country saw last year!!

Sharon x

Right sunflower you’re getting banned for that its easy enough to confuse us all as it is it seems lol. Nutty bird yep certainly is and seems to be a random one. Sharon I can’t wait, the kids really don’t agree though and think I’m ancient and I’m sure lol. Too true re floods though best get my lilo out

Lol, if that’s the case then I’m going to start investing in dinghy’s, a lilo implies warm weather and at the moment it’s blowing a gale and rather chilly!! xx

Oh gosh, if our usernames are an indication of our age, then I am right royally (insert own filtered word here). For what it is worth, Arwen, I am waiting to see Walton neuros and the waiting list for them are 26 weeks. :frowning: Angela xx

I think I’ll ring tomorrow and find out how long the Nottingham waiting list is - about 5 people a day ask if I’ve heard from the hospital yet. If its going to be 6 months I need to know! This weather is crazy isn’t it? I’m half expecting all my fences to blow down.

Hi Arwen, I thought NHS rules are that you must be seen and treated (if needed) within 18 weeks of receiving GP letter. ? …Crucial (if you have not heard within a few weeks) to make sure referral received, and then as you say, all you can really do is wait for appt. You can always ask the neuro consultants secretary if you could ring every so often to see if they have had a cancellation. You are right they do categorise referral into ‘routine’ and ‘urgent’. I recently was told I had been referred (so waited) and a month later discovered that the referral had not even been sent - so now lost a whole month ‘not’ on a waiting list. It was so frustrating and distressing trying to chase up the referral. I have also read that, if needed, the earlier disease modifying drugs are commenced the better. Hope you & I get a date soon! Bea

Hi gel well I thought I was walton but turns out Warrington but only cos the neuro I saw years ago works at both and I saw him at Warrington last time-although Walton closer. And yep youre either royally doo dahed or waiting to be born lol. Yes sunflower weather is awful blowing a gale here too maybe dinghy option better!! Bea I read something like that too about waiting to be seen certainly not 26weeks!! How annoying to lose a month as well you should get queue jumped for that xx

I live in humberside , I got referred on Friday 21st June and a call today to say my appointment is 25th July !!