How long to hear back after applying for JSA?

Well, I applied for Job Seekers Allowance as they recently made me redundant. I applied for JSA, not ESA, as I can work, but they may eventually change it to ESA. Who knows.

I know it can take a lot of time to hear back about the application, but I am startking to worry. I applied 14 days ago and still not word. Any experience with the waiting time? Thank you.


Hi Maria,
It’s ESA you need to apply for if you have long-term sickness. You then get put in one of two groups:
Long-term sick but can work
Long-term sick but cannot currently work.

Although, I was on JSA twice before keeping my multiple sclerosis dx to myself, just because I was in denial of the disability, in the early years.
It still worked out alright for me and I managed to find myself permanent full time employment, eventually.

I applied this January (for ESA and [PIP only because the MS has left me incapacitated and housebound these days]).

The first ESA payment arrived in March and first PIP payment in April.

Good luck with the new job hunt, in the meantime. You will find work, it just takes a bit of time tbf.

Hello. You are always so kind and among the first to respond. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you. So, I went for JSA, at the moment overall I am doing ok, and overall I can work as normal. They may switch me to ESA though when I tell them about the MS. Gosh, going to the Job Center Plus in Leam was a nightmare. The security guard treated me like dirt, asking me to wait in a non existent queue. Anyway, I understand I need a medical note for ESA, was trying to avoid getting one. I truly hope to hear back from them soon, to be invited to that interview. Btw, I never disclose any disability when applying for work. Not sure if I do this right, or what. It’s my first time facing unemployment after the diagnosis. Sending you loads of positive energy.

From what I understand, you’re not obligated to disclose your multiple sclerosis, when applying for employment.
Personally, I think if I did disclose the disability back then, it would have stymied my young professional career opportunities.
Stay well,

Thank you, J. That makes sense. I suppose when I get hired (amen!), I can tell them if and when they need to know. I know MS is a nightmare for us, but hope you are keeping well otherwise. Take care.

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