How long have you been relapse free without medication?


For all those people that are not taking any medication for their MS and also those who have not taken medication for a period of time. On average after how long have you been relapse free?

I was on copaxone though stopped this after 5 weeks of taking it as I hated the side effects and it caused lipoatrophy. In the very near future I hope to start a family and therefore I’m thinking I won’t take any medication for now. Knowing that I wish to start a family soon my neuro suggested some options of medications for me Tysabri, Lemtrada or Mavenclad. I’m quite frightened of taking these medications due to the side effects also with my plans to start a family soon, I wish to not start them any time soon.

I have been relapse free since June 2019 and hoping I stay well in my health. It always plays on my mind “what if I get a relapse?”

so I was just wondering have people have periods where they haven’t had a relapse for a while?

Also have people have periods where they have stopped taking their medication for whatever reason and had a long break from meds?

Years ago the longest i went with no relapse was 8 years.I thought i had been misdiagnosed with MS but sadly not.

I bet that must have felt amazing to kind of forget about the MS.

Its always at the back of my mind also sometimes I can worry about what the future may hold. I never thought I’d ever get diagnosed with such thing. Oh well you just learn to adapt and live with it don’t you.

I wish it would happen again,like i said i thought i had been misdiagnosed as i felt so well.But when they did start again boy did i know they came thick and fast after the 8 yr long remission.

I don’t have any medication during 6 years of RRMS but for 5 years i had 3 attacks a year and i took 40 milligrams of Dexametason ( corton)during 1 week with a special formula. Recently my attack increased and i am thinking about medication but not sure anymore. I am searching and need help.

Ah I see Fardi. I hope that all goes well for you. It’s so tricky isn’t it as I’m looking to start tecfidera soon, I have to say I’ve been ok since summer 2019. Just have the odd strange sensation down the left side of my back which comes and goes other than that I’ve been ok.

They do say if you start medication earlier on then it is better for you. Which is why I want to start on some medication to make sure I don’t risk a relapse.