How long does the whole referral for copaxone take??

Can anyone give me any answers for this?? I saw my neuro yesterday and we agreed on me starting dmd’s. I left a message on my nurses answer phone and am now waiting for her to contact me. I have decided I want to start on copaxone. Can anyone tell me how long the whole process can take from now until then? I haven’t yet spoken to my nurse about it yet so I’ve no doubt we’ll have to go through the whole research process? I just don’t know anything about he whole procedure. My neuro told me to ring my nurse as she would get it all going a lot quicker than waiting for the papers to be passed from desk to desk! This has just left me a bit unsure of what’s to come and how long it will all take, as you can imagine this is a big step for me and I’m quite worried about the whole thing! Yes I’m a wimp. lol. However, I do feel a bit reassured,after reading others experiences on here, that it gets easier pretty quickly. Thank you for any responses xxx

I didn’t mean to post anon!!!

hi deb

the request has to go for risk sharing and once accepted a few more weeks.

just waiting for your nurse really

good luck

carole x

Hi Carole, Thank you, guess I’m just in he waiting game for now then x

When I first went onto DMDs (I started on Rebif), it was only a couple of weeks to get started. I switched to Copaxone after three years and, again, it was only a couple of weeks really - more to do with admin issues as I’d also switched hospitals so my prescriptions etc needed to be transferred.

Don’t worry to much about the whole DMD process. Once you get used to it and you get to know the people at the drug delivery company etc - it’s all a pretty easy process (in my experience). And you soon get used to self-injecting. I wasn’t particularly fond of needles before I started on DMDs but now I’m so blase about them my friends sometimes have to remind me that not everyone can stand to look at them!

Lol!! Here’s to me hoping I can get used to it all quickly!! It’s nice to hear that people adapt so quickly, I’m terrified at the minute! Just feel a bit better knowing that I’m actually doing something positive about the whole thing!! Xx

Hi Deb,Like others have said it shouldn’t take too long once the MS nurse knows of your decision. I started on Rebif and changed last September to copaxone. I feel really well supported on this drug- the copaxone nurse(from the dug company) visits me every 3 months at home to check up on how the injections are going and checks my skin to make sure its ok where I’ve injected. Make sure you have some moisturizing cream in to massage your injection sites. This helps to get rid of any lumps which may occur where you have injected-but the nurses will explain all of this to you. I am pleased with this drug and you soon get used to the daily injection. Cathy x

Thank you all. It is reassuring to hear all the positives about copaxone. Now I’m just waiting for my nurse to contact me regarding it now, hopefully it won’t take to long. I don’t want to spend to much time thinking about it now as I’ll stress myself about it!! Thank you again xx