how long do LP results take

so i had my LP on the 10th of december im just wondering how long people have waited for results i might just be being inpationt but im in pain and the docs wont give me anything untill have a a DX

Hello Buggs

It was about six weeks for me, when I went back to see neuro.

Patients is a virtue lol

patience even lol

hehe thanks sorry my eye are so bad at the moment

Hi im sorry if i appear a bit thick here but what is Dx

I had my lp on the 19th december and I called my neuro today. Result was no bands (surprise surprise). Wonder what will happen now.

Mac!! Dx is diagnosis

Ruby, didn’t you say on another link you have a diagnosis and due to start meds? so you’ve obviously had scans yes?

Yes blossom have had an mri that showed nothing significant. Before I even had lp neurologist said he was making his diagnosis on clinical and family history. I wonder if he will still say the same. Due to start meds this month

I see what you mean ruby. Can I ask what scans you had?

I only had an mri blossom.

I only had an mri blossom. Dont get me wrong my neuro is great I just wish something would show up as I feel such a fraud. However im told 5% of people dont show mri evidence.

If your neuro doesn’t suggest it, then you need to let him know that you would like a MRI of spine.

The spine is difficult to scan due to its shape…some lesions can be missed. I asked for mine scanning…it showed several lesions. My neuro said it could account for gait/balance problems and urine incontinence.

I don’t know if you have any similar symptoms but either way its important you ask.

Take care,

oh sorry yes I did have my spine neck and head scanned but it showed nothing. My balance is fine I have buzzing in my feet and the backs of my legs feel as though they are going into a cramp but this usual happens when I lie down.