Waiting on LP results

I had a LP just over 3 weeks ago. The results are on the system as I asked the neurologists Secretary, this was just over a week ago. I have an appointment on 1st July with neurologist. My question is will I get letter with results as I did with 2nd MRI or will I have to wait until July? Hoping this is the final piece of jigsaw puzzle but having to wait 2 months from LP to Neuro appointment is driving me insane. Seriously affecting me now mentally !! I have 20 + lesions in brain plus lesion on optic nerve and a possible lesion in cervical spine. Just want to know what I am facing !!!

I am not sure but I had my LP in January and saw the neurologist in April even though they had the results way before, I still had to wait for the neurologist to tell me how I did. I have only one little lesion. But a weak left side, so I will see him again in April next year. Where I think I will have to go through it all again. Kay good luck, you haven’t got that long to wait now, it might seem it.

I didn’t get my LP results by letter, I was told them at my appt but I know some people have had them in a letter too. It’s all very frustrating.

Results came in post this week. Seems to be all normal limits and no O bands. So while this is good news I will have to wait to see neurologist on 1st July. My last MRI scan showed up a lesion on optic nerve ( had optic neuritis in September ) possibly one in my neck ( c4 / c5 ) I also have 20+ lesions in my brain. Is it possible that it this could be something other than MS ?

My neurologist said that the lesion could be from me having migraines, ???, no migraines for nearly three years.


I was told that my brain lesions may well be the result of my smoking habit that ended over 20 years ago - for real!!

I think it depends what kind of lesions you have and whereabouts in the brain and CNS they are.

A lesion is a scar from some kind of trauma to the CNS, and an MS lesion is ‘demyelinating’ by nature (that means it was caused by damage to the myelin - the substance that encases the brain and nerves). MS lesions also appear in specific places within the brain. So the neurologist will be able to tell if your specific lesions look to have been caused by MS.

The lumbar puncture is not the most reliable predictor of MS. Approximately 80 to 95% of people with MS have Oligoclonal bands in their CSF (and not in their blood). But this also means there are a fair number of people with MS who do not have O bands.

So often a positive LP is used to put the seal on a diagnosis of MS, but a negative LP doesn’t rule it out.

At least there’s now only 2 weeks till your appointment with the neurologist Trix.

Try not to worry too much in the meantime.